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Defechate - Unbounded

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 04 May 2022, 3:21 PM

A personal experience in Death Metal: back in 1993, I was an addicted to MORBID ANGEL, and heard “Altars of Madness” and “Blessed are the Sick” once each day, and bought “Covenant” as soon as it was released, but the album didn’t satisfy me fully (and still doesn’t to this day), but it’s a classic for many. This remembrance is just to say that face the unexpected can be a trial sometimes. Nothing will be the same forever, and maybe this can explain why is hard to deal with differences. And it’s the case of the Italian Death Metal act DEFECHATE, as can be heard on “Unbounded”.

To be clear, the difference isn’t on the form of the band playing the genre. It’s a technical and brutal form of classic Death Metal (besides some Jazz parts can be heard on some songs, as on “Unexpected Denier”). The band approach is very personal, aggressive and nasty (as could be expected of a Death Metal act), with some Thrash Metal-like touches (as in heard on some riffs on “Repent the Dead”). It’s really a very good and personal work, filled with that aggressive energy that the fans of the genre will love.

The unexpected feature on “Unbounded” is on the sonority. It’s defined and brutal, indeed, but it’s dry in a form that’s unusual for the genre. Obviously the definition is boosted to this fact, but Death Metal fans will have a hard time to get used to it.  And Paolo Olivier on additional guitars and Fred Valdaster on the drums on “Repent to the Dead”, Federico Fulceri on the guitar solo on “Hyperammonaemic”, and Nephros on the drums on “Burning like the Water” are the invited guests that can be found playing on the album.

But after dealing with the sonority, Death Metal addicted fans will fall in love with songs as “Hyperammonaemic” (massive riffs and very good contrasts between grunts and snarls on the vocals), “Burning like the Water” (very good technical parts from bass guitar and drums, but keeping the song’s weight), “Repent to the Dead” (another fast set of tempos shaped by charming guitars), “Epicurean Herd” (some technical parts inherited from Jazz can be heard on bass guitar), “The Unbound Storm” (nasty aggressiveness contrasts with weight technical parts on the rhythms), and “II Signore Del Disordine” are the right ones for checking what the band is about.

“Unbounded” is the band’s first album, so be prepared to have a dive on an aggressive album. But DEFECHATE must improve in the future to become a giant (they have potential for such a thing).

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Hyperammonaemic
2. Naked Thoughts
3. Burning like the Water
4. Unexpected Denier
5. Repent to the Dead
6. Oxydized Man
7. Epicurean Herd
8. The Unbound Storm
9. Just Falling Leaves
10. II Signore Del Disordine
Giuseppe “Tat0” Tatangelo - Vocals, Bass
Luke Scurb - Guitars, Synthesizers
Record Label: Great Dane Records


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