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Defenestration - Gutter Perdition Award winner

Gutter Perdition
by Chris Hawkins at 17 March 2018, 11:39 PM

Having come of age in the 1990s, I never really expected to see or hear bands praising the era.  I grew up with such an awe of the 1980s and even the 1970s that the 1990s seem dull in comparison; however, to prove me wrong is a Death Metal band from France called DEFENESTRATION.  Their EP, "Gutter Perdition," sounds as if recorded at the famous Morrisound Studios in the early 1990s except the production is a bit better these days.  One cannot help but smile thinking about old school Florida Death Metal, and DEFENESTRATION show that not only is age just a number, but Metal itself will always be timeless.

Yes, as Metal fans and musicians we march to the beat of a different drummer, and timelessness applies not only to old school IRON MAIDEN but also to old school Death Metal.  From the start of this EP, the first track, "Blinding Sublimation," lets the listener know that this band is serious about their Death Metal.  There are no pig squeals, djent, or bass drops.  Tremolo picking contrasted with some of the most brutal palm-muted chords is the name of the game in opening the ceremony.  The second track, "Vintage Carnage," could be the modus operandi for the entire album.  It perfectly describes the balance the band walks between chaos and order, grind and mosh, blast and breakdown.  They could have just called the whole thing "Vintage Goodness," in my opinion.  The breakdown in the middle of this song is the soundtrack to an old school circle pit with feet flying in the air!  "Sorry to Apologize" is the fourth track, and has the singer shrieking with a vocal cord-lacerating fury unheard since the almighty Killjoy of NECROPHAGIA.

Listening to DEFENESTRATION reminds me of the first time I saw a real mosh pit as a kid and how intimidated I was by how the big boys threw down.  It was like the point where you realize that neither MOTLEY CRUE nor METALLICA are really that heavy.  Back in the day, this is the kind of band that would cause other bands on the bill to come out with their "A game."  It would be impossible for any fan of old school Death Metal not to drool over these tasty riffs because you can smell the sweat, beer, and stale cigarette smoke.  These songs point to a time when Death Metal was very much a DIY venture for most bands, even the bigger ones that have lasted started as such.  It's an album praising Death Metal before it was "perfected" with fake processed kick drums and effects-saturated guitars.  To drive the point home, this is one of those releases that back in the day would cause you to call all your Metal friends over just to hear the brutality for themselves.  Those days of unity, purpose, and vision are not gone.  Thank you, DEFENESTRATION.

Songwriting:           9
Originality:              8
Memorability:        9
Production:             9

4 Star Rating

1. Blinding Sublimation
2. Vintage Carnage
3. Jizzus
4. Sorry to Apologize
5. Akkarian Oracle
Apocalyptic Lawnmower - Guitars/backing vocals
Petite Frappe – Drums
Basstard – Bass
Cancrelat – Vocals
Record Label: Xenokorp Records


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