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Defying - Nexus Artificial Award winner

Nexus Artificial
by Michael Coyle at 25 May 2014, 12:55 PM

A combination of RUSH, VADER and CATHEDRAL is the only way I can describe this band, with well thought out guitar work and aggressive Doom / Death influenced vocals DEFYING bring brutality and skill to a new level with their debut album "Nexus Artificial".

From the start of the album, it commences with the intro track "Dēmiourgós", although silent to start with the track soon starts to build up into what I can only describe as an invitation into insanity, as the introduction continues the sound of static starts to form accompanied by voices that start to form the message "we are not alone in the universe", from this moment in the intro I truly felt a chill crawl down my spine and a sense of fear arising.

From the intro we lead into the next track "Newborn Sun", a melodically ambient song with a brilliant use of classically inspired guitar work found at the beginning of the this slow and vibrant piece, from listening carefully I am able to see how the band have created and nurtured their own sound created from what could be some of the bands influences in music, but as it continues you can see how the band have made this their own, crafting a very unique and very original sound to which this band can easily be identified. As the song continues a sudden change in tone can be found creating an incredible combination of guttural growls from vocalist-guitarist Piotr Stępiński, and sharp precise lead tones from Rafał Warniełło on solo guitars.

"Nexus Artificial" is a very strange and dark journey of an album, yet pulls the listener in with curiosity of what might happen next.

4 Star Rating

1. Dēmiourgós
2. Newborn Sun
3. Portraits
4. Prayers
5. Mismatch
6. Imitation
7. Ningma
8. Anaesthesia
9. Suppression
10. Ab originis
Piotr Stępiński – Vocals / Guitar
Rafał Warniełło – Lead Guitar
Paweł Siemaszko - Bass
Tomasz Semeniuk – Drums / Sampling

Natalia Szalaj – Vocals ("Prayers" & "Mismatch")
Record Label: Independent


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