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Degreed – Lost Generation

Lost Generation
by Brad Pfundheller at 20 January 2020, 5:53 AM

From Stockholm, Sweden, DEGREED is here with their fifth release titled “Lost Generation” and it comes just two years after their self-titled release record. Formed in 2005, this band has pushed out an average of an album every two years since 2010 and is continuously putting in the effort to do so. They are described as rock music and their influences include bands from the 1980’s to the 2000’s.

The first song on the record is titled “Intro”, and it is exactly that, it sounds like someone is flipping through radio stations looking for a certain band or song but then, as the track comes to a close, it catapults you into the second song titled “Lost Generation”, which is also the album name. This song starts out with what could be described as late 80’s metal and rock. It has more of a ballad sound to it that I believe could be very catchy to some people. The second track is called “You All Know My Name” and it starts out what I believe is somebody doing cocaine then starting a car and then the song enters. There are lots of guitar pulses at the beginning then shifts into power chords into the chorus. “Ruins” starts out with a calmer direction from the band that I would describe as 90’s alternative.

Interlude” is exactly what the title describes; it is full of voice samples and a keyboard throughout. “Summer of Love” has a very relaxing tone to it. The bass and drums pick it the rhythm as the keyboard plays over top of it. This song also has a very catchy chorus to it. “Blue Virgin Isles” starts out with very talented keyboard work with the vocals over top of it. “Sex” takes a different turn and goes back into more of the rock sound of it but slows it down during the verse. The final track on the album is “Alive” and it begins with a calm introduction that slightly gets louder but then falls back into the melodic side. The guitar solo in it is phenomenal and really shows off the guitarist’s talent. A well put together track.

Overall, “Lost Generation” has some very cool parts into it and I can tell why a lot of people really dig this band. They are doing a sound that not a lot of other bands really do anymore and I think that’s what helps them stand out in the rock scene. Their music is well crafted and incorporates a lot of different influences into one sound. I applaud these guys and if you’re into this type of music, I suggest you check them out because I doubt you will be disappointed.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Lost Generation
3. You All Know My Name
4. Ruins
5. Interlude
6. Summer of Love
7. Blue Virgin Isles
8. Sex
9. Body Of Work
10. Born Under A Bad Sign
11. Don’t Let Go
12. Alive
Robin Ericsson – Vocals/Bass
Mats Ericsson – Drums
Micke Jansson – Keyboard
Daniel Johansson – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Record Label: Gain Music Entertainment


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Edited 29 September 2020

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