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Deiformity - Corpse Stomper

Corpse Stomper
by Liam Easley at 08 January 2019, 11:56 AM

DEIFORMITY’s debut album, “Corpse Stomper”, reeks of JUNGLE ROT-styled Death Metal. From the artwork that boasts “brutal, crushing Death Metal” to the simplistic, thrashy riffs, this is knuckle-dragging Death Metal in its purest form. As someone who isn’t particularly fascinated by the whole vein of OBITUARY and JUNGLE ROT type of Death Metal acts, I am pleased to find that DEIFORMITY doesn’t disappoint. While the music is simplistic and oftentimes predictable, there is a flare of originality.

There are tracks on here that don’t strictly adhere to the JUNGLE ROT way of doing things. “Cloud of Ash” is a song that has melody and an energetic flow, something that most bands in this vein typically lack. Not only this, but there are also a lot of good riffs scattered throughout the album. “Masters of War” is notable for not only its riffs, but also its heavy, crushing chorus.

Some tracks such as “Corpse Stomper” and “Battlefield Messiah” have depth given by the bass. Unfortunately, the listener must pay close attention in order to hear it, and it’s hard to hear without headphones. While I happily welcome the bass deviating from the guitar from time to time, it would be better if the bass were a little louder. It’s very quiet where it’s at right now, and it doesn’t help that the guitars are very loud. Despite the bass’ volume, once one hears it, it becomes the best part of the album. It gives the music a technical edge as the bass melodies intertwine with the heavy guitars. It creates depth and even atmosphere, giving DEIFORMITY an even bigger advantage to other bands in their league.

One thing that DEIFORMITY excels in is composition. Each song on this album has some sort of flow and is always heavy. The simplicity of the riffs makes it easier to put things together. The simplicity also allows for more experimentation, and, unlike JUNGLE ROT, DEIFORMITY took advantage of this. “Corpse Stomper” is a crushing debut album. While not every song is completely enjoyable, and the production needed altering, the goal was very clear: to make a really heavy album. This goal was reached.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 4
Memorability: 6
Production: 7


3 Star Rating

1. Masters of War
2. Spitting Fire
3. Headshot
4. Cadaver Factory
5. Belt-Fed Massacre
6. Corpse Stomper
7. Twist the Blade
8. Bullets Ripping Flesh
9. The Body Pit
10. Battlefield Messiah
11. Cloud of Ash
Chris Tuckley – Bass
Paulie Ibbotson – Drums
Rob Pierson – Guitar
Adrian Williamson – Guitar
Loz – Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 19 September 2019

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