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Deimos’ Dawn - Anthem of the Lost Award winner

Deimos’ Dawn
Anthem of the Lost
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 18 May 2023, 3:28 AM

It’s truly hard to pass many years being recognized as a known artist of a Metal genre, and then chose to do something different. Some fans have problems in accepting such thing, but’s more usual than some can think. A fine example is the guitarist Stefan Weinerhall that left MITHOTYN and founded FALCONER, but there are even bands that change the whole way of making music (THERION started as a Death Metal act, CELTIC FROST did the same, and there are more). So don’t be disturbed when dealing with “Anthem of the Lost”, the first album of the Berlin-based quartet DEIMOS’ DAWN. The band’s musical work is a form of Thrash Metal that sounds actual and full of life and aggressiveness, gathering at the same time influences of German School (as SODOM and DESTRUCTION) and of the North American School (SLAYER, and something of acts as VIO-LENCE and FORBIDDEN), using a very particular way of making music.

The difference is the presence of Marc Grewe (famous for his singing on the German Death Metal legend MORGOTH) on the vocals, what bring some Death Metal touches into the mix. It’s aggressive, nasty and oppressive to the bones (hear to what “Unholy Water” expresses, but prepare your ears), filled with a massive energy that flows from the songs, but done with a good technical care. Yes, it’s truly a very good release. The band worked with Cornelius Rambadt in the recordings, mixing, and mastering, creating a brutal and oppressive sonority that fits on what’s the quartet wanted to the album, but always having in mind that the listeners must understand what’s being played. But the band brought Andy Brings (the former SODOM’s guitarist) for producing the vocals and writing the lyrics.

“Anthem of the Lost” is filled with and young and savage energy, and even being the band’s first release, be prepared, because they’re not kidding. And for the first time on it, pay careful attention on what is unleashed on “Feeding the Decline” (a fast song with a fine combination of Thrash Metal riffs with some Death Metal blast beats and screams, and what great rhythms created by bass guitar and drums), “Walking Out on You” (a darkened and slow song, and this one shows clearly a more German Thrash Metal tendency, with excellent guitar riffs and arrangements), “Over Your Dead Body” (if you want if these guys can create hooks, you must check this one, especially due the Thrash Metal tempos and charming contrasts between vocals and backing vocals), “Unholy Water” (brings some guitar arrangements that will remember SEPULTURA’s old works, and what great snarling singing), “Too Much Pain is Not Enough” (these slower tempos enables bass guitar and drums to show an excellent set of arrangements with excellent technical appeal), “The 4th Wall” (another song filled with the bitter and oppressive feeling of slow songs of the genre, and pay attention to the guitars arrangements, with some nasty melodies on the chorus), “When in Doubt: Kill!” (some Groove/Thrash Metal influences can be heard on this one), and “Terrorvision Quest”.

After listening to “Anthem to the Lost” carefully, one will have the clear idea that DEIMOS’ DAWN is another very good name of the German Thrash Metal scene.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Feeding the Decline
2. Walking Out on You
3. The Final Illusion
4. Over Your Dead Body
5. Unholy Water
6. Too Much Pain is Not Enough
7. Deathstar Spangled Banner
8. The 4th Wall
9. When in Doubt: Kill!
10. Put Down that Weapon
11. Two Handed Game
12. Terrorvision Quest
Marc Grewe - Vocals
Andy Doé - Guitars
Matze Lange - Bass
Mathias Schmidt - Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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