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Deity - Deity Award winner

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 27 January 2018, 9:26 AM

After a long time in silence, the Canadian Metal scene of the 90s gave birth to a new generation of bands. This time, to some of the most brutal and explosive Death Metal bands you can think about. KATAKLYSM, CRYPTOPSY and some others took the throne to unleash all their violent assault to take the world. Be prepared, because another Sasquatch came from those lands: DEITY, a duet that arrives with their first album, “Deity”.

They unleash a violent Death Metal onslaught throughout this album, showing very good rhythmic changes and that nasty and brutal form that we are used to hear from Canadian Death Metal School. But pay attention, as they use a very good technical work and contrasts between guttural grunts and shrieked screams. Their music is really amazing! Christian Donaldson did the mixing and the mastering of the album, and he did things in the easiest way for a Death Metal band: brutal and raw, but with a very good level of clarity. Let me tell you: it fits in what they play, besides when evolution takes its toll on their work; they’ll need a better sound quality. But for now, it’s good as it is.

Technical and violent, we can see that DEITY is going to be a brutal, but yet refined, Death Metal act in the future. Songs as the explosive and violent “Beginning of Extinction” with its technical insight and fine vocals, the furious rawness of the slow parts of “Sacrificium”, the Death Metal torpedo called “From Which We Came…We Now Return” (a long instrumental song that shows a great work on guitars, both on the excellent riffs as in the solos played by the special guest Asher Haroon), the oppressive storm of brutality called “Illuminate the Unwilling”, and the long show of aggressiveness mixed with a very good technical work called “In Turmoil” (great tempos, and a fine work from bass guitar and drums).

It’s an excellent album, and DEITY still has a potential that wasn’t used, so be prepared for some ears bleeding in the future.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Suspended in Animation
2. Beginning of Extinction
3. Sacrificium
4. From Which We Came…We Now Return
5. Rituals
6. Of Time
7. Illuminate the Unwilling
8. In Turmoil
Danny Alessandro - Guitars, Vocals
John Massey - Guitars, Vocals
Florian Ravet - Bass (guest musician)
Flo Mounier - Drums (guest musician)
Record Label: CDN Records


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