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Deivos – Emanations From Below (Reissue)

Emanations From Below (Reissue)
by Will Travers at 06 September 2021, 6:53 PM

Well… How do you do an album reissue? Maybe remix and master? How about adding in a bonus track… Or, in fact, ten bonus tracks?! Well, that is exactly what Polish outfit DEIVOS are doing with the support from Selfmadegod Records. The band’s 2006 debut release “Emanations From Below” was originally a seven track album that has been bolstered up to seventeen tracks in an overhaul almost 15 years after its initial release. The artwork is grotesque and down the horror theme, fairly standard to be honest.

I think that the best way to tackle this review would be to pick say, 5 tracks that best portray the record over its staggering 70 minute playtime. Opening is “Blackness Incarnate” and it is a breathless, heavy delight. The running guitars, pings and squeals add little intricacies to the track that make it more than just another Heavy Metal track. But that’s not to say that it is lacking in dense riffs and electric blast beats, they’re just delivered in amidst the swirling tempest of sweeping runs and slightly more stripped back segments.

But if you are here for some really aggressive and electric Death Metal then look no further than “Encircled By Nothingness”. With no messing around the track launched straight into an untiring performance especially from drummer Krzysztof, take a bow and drink some water man! There are amazing little guitar breaks, the riffs are delightful and as the track fades out there is a definite feel of the music being stripped back.  But do not be lulled into a false sense of security as “War March” incorporates the hectic and chaotic energy around a march to war along with an almost nervous energy. But still, the themes of aggression and intensity are still prevalent throughout. Once again, a solid, exhausting performance.

“Praised By Generations” kind of faltered the flow for me a little bit. The quality wasn’t really there and the mixing made the track almost inaudible, there were flourishes throughout of what has been making the record so good up to this point, but they were few and far between. Whilst I don’t like to dwell on negatives in albums, I feel that for transparency and completeness it is necessary to point this out, because if I was asked to pick my least favourite track from the record it would certainly be this.  “Endlessly Alive Fire” was similar to this, which again I found slightly disappointing, with the audio quality and even musical styling just not up to scratch with the original tracking of the record.

The final track I would like to hone in on is the original records final track, “Hatebound”. It returns to that established aggressive yet somewhat delicate style that really controls the flow of the track impecabbly. Devastating running guitar breaks pepper pot the track and the energy throughout is just outstanding, a fine way to see out the record. However, the four bonus tracks that came after to round the record out really marred what was an outstanding album.

Overall, the original album stands on its own, there is no denying that. But the addition of all these bonus tracks that quite simply were not up to the same standard perplexes me. The whole audio style has changed, the mixing is completely off and to be honest it doesn’t even sound like the same artist and really pulled the record down for me and that is why some of the scoring below may be slightly lower than it should be.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 4

2 Star Rating

1. Blackness Incarnate
2. Chasm Climber
3. No Father Of Mine
4. Hostile Blood
5. Realm Of Desecration
6. Encircled By Nothingness
7. War March
8. Scarcity Of Suffering
9. Divine Defilement
10. Throw Of The Fetters
11. Battle For Dominance
12. Praised By Generations
13. Hatebound
14. Beginning Of True Journey
15. Endlessly Alive Fire
16. Servant Of Insanity
17. Four United In Unity
Jaroslaw Pieńkoś – Vocals / Bass
Tomasz Kołcon – Guitar
Mścisław – Guitar
Krzysztof Sapan – Drums
Record Label: Selfmadegod Records


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