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Deivos - Theodicy

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 01 February 2015, 8:12 PM

Sometimes, when a new band comes from a country with tradition in any Metal style you can think of, it has to deal with the expectation on the public. And this pattern can create a very bad feeling: you expect a musical work from the band, and then, you have something way far from what your mind created. And that can make you turn your ears away from a band that, if had no previous idea, would be something you would love. So, the better way: hear the band without knowing anything from them. That must be the way when facing bands like the quintet DEIVOS, from Poland, that comes with their new album, “Theodicy”.

It’s a technical and violent Death Metal band, with an eclectic point of view, using some aspects of other musical styles, but being as brutal and oppressive as you can think of. But do not expect a BEHEMOTH or VADER clone. Nope, they’re far away from that, having their own personality behind this guttural grunts, excellent guitar riffs and thunderous (but technical) rhythmic basis. And their music sound like a modern and furious mix between some aspects of earlier MORBID ANGEL sound with a high dose of adrenalized DEATH from “Human” era.

“Theodicy” has a furious and clean sound quality, abrasive and with high doses of weight. But it’s so clear that you can understand each note they’re playing, every little musical arrangement is clear (and that with them using very low tunes in their musical instruments, a common feature on extreme Death Metal).

They have six long and very good songs, none of them can turn you sleepy, but their finest moments are on the brutal and eclectic “Theodicy” (very good guitar riffs attack), “Ochlocracy” and its finest drumming in the entire play (full of broken tempos) and the brutal and addicting grasp of “Parasite” (the bass playing and vocals are at their peaks here).

Hear with caution, for it can make your ears bleed and fall to the ground!

4 Star Rating

1. Theodicy
2. El Shaddai
3. Ochlocracy
4. Mandatory Mayhem
5. Amor Sui
6. Parasite
Angelfuck – Vocals
Tomasz Kołcon – Guitars
Mścisław – Guitars
Kamil – Bass
Krzysztof Saran – Drums
Record Label: Selfmadegod Records


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