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Delirium’s Dawn - Horizons

Delirium’s Dawn
by Neil Cook at 24 January 2021, 6:19 PM

Hailing from Munich, Germany, DELIRUM’S DAWN, release their 4th Album “Horizons”.  Their style is mixing up what they like, Thrash, Melodic and Progressive Metal, blend it together and give it a modern sheen.

So that’s a lot going on.  For me I think this gives them at times a flavor of SYSTEM OF A DOWN, especially in the more progressive pieces, and when singing the more melodic parts rather than the screaming, “Prototype” for example.

I’ll admit to not be a fan of the gruff “screamer” style vocals, not just these guys, but generally.  It doesn’t do anything for me, and, in this case particularly detracts from some excellent musicianship, the guitarists are spot on for me, and the rythium section tight, all be it the bass being hard to here, but again this is a “thing” for this style of band.

Standout tracks for me are “Golden Road”, “Beyond Human Control” and the aforementioned “Prototype” . Of the other tracks “Intersubjective Reality” nearly does it, but the grunts put me off, pity because music and the soloing, in particular, is really great, has a fine Progressive vibe.

Last track “Transcendent” is, to illustrate the point, my favorite track on the album.  It is a intricate, yet melodic track that both flows and twists and turns equally.  Oh and it is an instrumental, so for me it holds it together.

The beef vocally is totally mine, I just am not enjoying the gruff side.  I know lots do, and I wish the band every success in their field.  So this is why my score is in the middle, just above average, like the playing, don’t like the style of some of your vocals.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Solar Sequence
2. Forced Within
3. Golden Road
4. Hollow To Follow
5. Beyond Human Control
6. Prototype
7. Forever And Now
8. Another Generation’s Myth
9. We Are One
10. Intersubjective Reality
11. Transcendent
Ary Keshtgar - Vocals & Guitar
Thomas “Tom” Gimpel - Guitar
Younas Khan – Bass
Manuel Fischer – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 07 March 2021

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