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Delirium Tremens - Read My Fist Award winner

Delirium Tremens
Read My Fist
by Dan Mailer at 26 May 2014, 10:35 PM

Sometimes as a Heavy Metal fan, you just need an album for a quick fix of some angry music, sometimes you just want to thrash. And German metallers DELIRIUM TREMENS, despite the fancy name, bring you just that; lots of speedy riffs, angry vocals and powerful rhythms to keep your head banging for a bit.

Opening up with “Rough Ride”’s sounds of getting into a car and starting up the engine, the band kicks into a meaty riff with a surprising sense of groove to it, with chunky guitars and some cool guitar harmony moments too! A very furious approach to the vocals, almost spitting the lyrics out with a sense of urgency, and some great thrash drumming as well. As mentioned before, this is a straight up thrash album, with some punk attitude like in “We’ll Be Drunk Forever” which has a bit of a crossover thrash feel to it with some almost old school ANTHRAX riffage in there too. Some songs like “Get Fucked” take the tempo down a little bit before notching it up to furious levels again later, which works in the band’s favour nicely too. One of my favourite tracks is “Iron Gang”, which has a really cool feel to the main riffs, with some nice harmonies and some really tight playing from the bass and drums too, with a really \[powerful overall sound. The album closes with “Let Me Die”, which has a rocking introductory riff that leads to some cool soloing and some great riffs later on too! This is a nice way to end the album, with lots of things going on and some great playing that I’m glad they saved until last.

The production is spot on for what the band is doing, raw yet tight at the same time. It’s nice to be able to hear the bass in modern thrash recordings too! The guitars are cutting and sound nice and heavy, the drum sound is nice and professional and the vocals gel really well with the band’s overall sound.

This is a great album from a band that have already done quite a lot in their 18 years together, including lots of live shows and recordings! For me, these guys are showing bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE and VIOLATOR how it should be done, with plenty of attitude and some great musicianship too.

4 Star Rating

1. Rough Ride
2. Read My Fist
3. We’ll Be Drunk Forever
4. Iron Gang
5. Rolling Thunder
6. Thrash and Be Trashed
7. Get Fucked
8. Backyard Wrestling
9. Hoy Hey Live To Rock
10. Kids Kick Ass
11. Let Me Die
Christian Lindner - Vocals
Christian Brehm - Bass
Jochen Steeger - Drums
Patrick Weinstein - Guitar
Alexander Zorin - Guitar
Record Label: Iron Shield Records


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