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Demersus Ad Nihilum - //180703//

Demersus Ad Nihilum
by Andrew Harvey at 05 August 2021, 3:21 PM

DEMERSUS AD NIHILUM is actually Latin for ‘Sunk To Zero’, however the black metal duo only recently formed in the previous year of 2020 and they originally come from Vienna, Austria. The singer KURT ENZI nicknamed RAGNAR is well known and has been a part of such heavy metal bands including THEOTOXIN and SCHATTENFALL. While the other half of this duo is FLORIAN MUSIL who also comes from previous metal bands such as THE NEGATIVE BIAS, AGRYPNIE and MOLOKH.

It should also be noted that both members actually did play in the same band called THEOTOXIN. But as a side project, the two rockers came together last year as I mentioned and now they have released what is their first release, an EP titled as //180703//. As far as I can tell there doesn’t seem to be a significance behind the EP title, but it was released through the record label, called Art Of Propaganda Records or AOP Records for short. The EP also features a guest appearance by none other than CHRISTOPHER RUF nicknamed as C.S.R and TORTEN HIRSCH nicknamed TORSTEN.

The EP starts off with “Hin Auf Dornigen Wegen” which almost sounds as if it starts with a sort of breathing sound perhaps from the singer. Then staggeringly, absolute hysteria is now ongoing, possibly an amalgamation of death metal, black metal and ambient sounds into the mix. The vocals are beyond anything I can compare with but I can say that they do express the death metal influence, whereas the title of the track can be translated from German meaning; Out There On Thorney Paths. The black metal sound is symbolized by the pulsating guitar riffs and drums but there are more subtle musical passages giving that ambient sound once more.

“Verwünschung” which is translated again from German meaning; Malediction. This track stands out for it’s melodic playing with guitar with a steady crescendo on the drums part. Then we are treated to a climatic fusion of atmospheric black metal which combines the more experimental sounds with black metal giving us the theme of the track. The guitar playing is certainly the main focus of this track and the singer does start to speak rather than sing at one point in the track.

The final track also being the longest in duration at approximately 6 minutes is “Abschied” which carries the momentum we have heard with vocals that are as sinister as they can be. The title as always can be translated from German meaning; Farewell. But we do also hear the inclusion of melodic guitar once more with soundscape sounds and classical strings most likely programmed for this track. The drums on this occasion are more creative and do provide the fluency this track deserves to give that uplifting positive vibe.

I have once again surprised myself with this band, with both members of this duo who of course were in the same, namely THEOTOXIN. It is clear these two musically talented artists can be recognized and perhaps share more than what we imagined in terms of musicianship, plus the result of what these two can produce. Along with the contribution of the two additional vocalists, C.S.R and TORSTEN, this makes DEMERSUS AD NIHILUM a strong contender for more success. These guys shouldn’t be underestimated and for what they can do, the EP is now available for online streaming or CD format, but if you want the vinyl format, then it won’t be till October when it comes out.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

Overall: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Hin Auf Dornigen Wegen
2. Verwünschung
3. Abschied
Kurt “Ragnar” Enzi - Vocals
Florian Musil - All Other Instruments
Record Label: AOP Records


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