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Demetra's Scars - Demetra's Scars

Demetra's Scars
Demetra's Scars
by John Foley at 13 September 2021, 6:44 AM

Coming all the way from taking the Italian underground metal scene by storm we got alternative metal band DEMETRA’S SCARS with their highly anticipated self titled E.P which was released back in July 2021. The E.P was due to be released last year but things went quiet with the band but eventually it saw its release this year. The band has supported INFECTED RAIN and JINJIR on their Italian tour. If you are a fan of the likes of KORN, JINJIR, INFECTED RAIN, DEFTONES and LACUNA COIL then this is a band for you to check out.

The E.P opens with “Myself Screaming” and this one has a really heavy groove to it right from the start as the vocals then come in and command the song. When the chorus comes in things get a little more melodic and the vocals take it up a notch here. A lead guitar line then comes in which transcends into a guitar solo of sorts, nothing too flashy but keeps the feel of the song. The song then starts to build after that into this killer break down. This is a good song and a good opener as well.

Next up we got “TRTTN” with a vocal and guitar riff team up that introduces us to what is to come in the track. We are then hit with this riff that is both pounding and evil sounding. The vocals work well here and the chorus section is very JINJIR with a bit of a modern sound. There is a good mix of heavy grooves and lots of melody here through out. Half way through the drums just goes nuts with some great work with the double bass drums which is great. A great team up of the guitar riffs and drums then makes for a great outro.

The track “Going Through” is then after that and starts with this clean almost creepy sounding guitar line which then switches to some heavy riffing. The bass then takes the lead in the verse and the chorus is very DEFTONES in sounding and I love it. You can really sing along with this tune and the song really does pack a punch even at about three and a half minutes in when we get that awesome vocal line. This song does have the potential to be a hit.

We come to the last song on the E.P which is “My Pleasure”. That clean guitar sound is back with the vocals once again taking command of the song. There is a sort of atmosphere here with this one. A very KORN style riff then hits as the band are really giving it there all. The middle section here hits very heavy as it then goes somewhere a little trippy from there and back to the clean guitar again. You can really hear that the vocals have got a lot of range to them in this tune.

From listening to the self-titled E.P by DEMETRA’S SCARS you can really hear that this is filled with lots and lots of heavy grooves and plenty of melody and the band does a great job at mixing and blending them both. At times you can somewhat hear their influences but you can totally hear that the songs have got a lot of energy in them which would make for a great live band. The vocals are great here and really work to hook you right in as the songs are really enjoyable on this.

Song Writing: 8
Memorability: 8
Musicianship: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Myself Screaming
3. Going Through
4. My Pleasure
Pahaan – Vocals
Samuele Casari – Guitar
Thomas Bertellini – Bass
Yassir Belfartas – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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