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Demiricous – Chaotic Lethal

Chaotic Lethal
by Thomas Kumke at 17 June 2022, 12:50 PM

DEMIRICOUS hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana were formed in 2001. The band has been active until 2011, and then after a five year’s break, reformed again. The Thrash Metal outfit released three demos, one live album, and “Chaotic Lethal” is their third full-length album. It was recorded and mixed by Wes Heaton, and Swedish legend Dan Swanö did the mastering at Unisound Studio. The album has a length of almost 46 minutes and it was released via US label Post.Recordings.

The album starts strongly with “Unconditional Hate”. After a short tension-building prelude, the song transitions towards a mid-tempo Thrash Metal riffing, combined with howling lead guitars. The riffing and the relentless drumming are driving the track forward alongside the harsh Thrash Metal vocals. The middle part is played at insane speed with tight riffing, before it transitions back to its mid-tempo rhythm. “Unconditional Hate” is a strong opener and sets the scene for the things to come. “Terminal Future” is a fast track with classical Thrash Metal textures, riffing, bass lines, and drumming. It includes typical transitions from the fast parts to mid-tempo parts. The extended lead guitar solo contributes very well to the track in terms of playfulness and aggression.

“Smoke Chaser” almost seamlessly continues with the Thrash attack. The drumming contains a lot of double-bass and a few blast-beats. “Smoke Chaser” varies between a fast pace and mid-tempo with a lot of changes back and forth. The key element of the track is, beside the guitars, the drumming. The song structure is relatively complex for a Thrash Metal song with several rhythm changes. The lead guitar solo is very comprehensive and the highlight of the track. “Smoke Chaser” is the single release and available on YouTube with the link given below.

“The Follow” is a classical Thrash Metal song and contains everything fans love about the genre: pace, flesh-ripping guitar riffs, aggression, and darkness. The speed during the verse and chorus parts is high and the track contains a mid-tempo break. While verse and chorus parts are direct and straight-forward, the mid-tempo part has many twists in rhythm. “Fuck The Fire” is more a mid-tempo track with darkness and aggression in the riffing. The song is more atmospheric, spine-chilling, and includes an outstanding extended lead guitar solo. “Fuck The Fire” is one of the album highlights. The title song has a slow start, and the guitars are smartly used to create a grim atmosphere. The riffing is very powerful. The tempo is slow and stomping and DEMIRICOUS make their way through the track like a steam roller. The song has a few rhythm changes, and the tempo constantly switches from a slow pace to mid-tempo.

“Merciless Slut Cult” is almost the opposite compared to the title song: direct, aggressive and played at blistering pace. It has plenty of Hardcore vibes during the verse and chorus sections, and includes a classical Thrash Metal lead guitar solo, which is once again, the highlight of the track. “Choke” is not as fast as “Merciless Slut Cult”, it varies between up-tempo and mid-tempo. The guitar riffing starts tight and with aggression. The guitars include once more some atmospheric elements, which intensify the gloominess of the track. The lead guitar solo is technically comprehensive and contributes very well to the song.

The album closes with “Faith Crime” and the slow and extended guitar-driven start is blood-freezing. The Thrash Metal onslaught starts after more than two minutes at frantic pace. The classical Thrash riffing drives the song forward alongside the double-bass drumming. The vocals of Nate Olp keep the track very well together and he has a very spirited performance on “Faith Crime”, showing the versality of his voice. The song is meant to be the album highlight. Surely the length of more than nine minutes is impressive, but particularly towards the end, there was a lot of repetition. However, it does not take anything away from “Faith Crime”, which is surely oe of the album highlights.

“Chaotic Lethal” is a very good Thrash Metal album. After almost 40 years of the genre, it is difficult to create some ground-breaking new Thrash music. DEMIRICOUS do not try this, they rather stick to the well-tried Thrash Metal formula and that is a good thing. The album contains the best elements of Thrash Metal: the aggressive sound, the classical Thrash riffing, the lead guitar solos, and the harsh vocals that keep everything well together. The album is well produced. “Chaotic Lethal” is an album that will be loved by Thrash Metal fans and they will look forward to memorable live shows of DEMIRICOUS.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  9
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Unconditional Hate
2. Terminal Future
3. Smoke Chaser
4. The Follow
5. Fuck The Fire
6. Chaotic Lethal
7. Merciless Slut Cult
8. Choke
9. Faith Crime
Nate Olp – Vocals, Bass
Scott Wilson – Guitars
Ben Parrish ­ Guitars
Dustin Boltjes – Drums
Record Label: Post Recordings


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