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Demolizer – Upgrade

by kenn staub at 20 November 2021, 1:43 PM

The product of Copenhagen (Denmark), DEMOLIZER formed in 2018 to play gut-crushing, hard-hitting, unfiltered thrash. Billed as the manifestation of a big, angry, middle finger pointed toward the Establishment, DEMOLIZER doesn’t give a damn about what others think, making music to rattle the listeners’ bones to dust. Their intense, aggressive music is meant to appeal to fans of SLAYER, ANTHRAX, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, EXODUS, HAVOCK, and MUNICIPAL WASTE.

DEMOLIZER released their five-song demo, “Ghoul,” in 2018, following it up in 2020 with the full-length “Thrashmageddon.” It was during production of “Thrashmageddon” that the quartet recorded the EP “Upgrade” (released October 1, 2021). “Upgrade” is, in essence, a remake of “Ghoul,” albeit with the addition of Aria Mobbarez on guitars (who wasn’t with the band in 2018). According to DEMOLIZER, “Upgrade” is what “Ghoul” was intended to sound like.

The first three songs of “Upgrade” appeared on the demo. Opener “Ghoul” features a neat riff underneath the thrash assault. With frequent tempo changes, the track is at its best when DEMOLIZER slow things down a bit, the speed rush giving way to a more melodic line. The first half of “Torture, Insanity” is a melodically comfortable headbanger. After this, however, the song rushes forward pell mell, a great riff is in evidence underneath the maelstrom. The guitar solo on “Torture, Insanity” seems at odds with the prevailing melody, an affect which is somewhat discordant. “Get Out Of My Way” is an intense song, its melody having an ear-catching hook.

DEMOLIZER closes “Upgrade” with their take on ANNIHILATOR’s “King Of The Kill” (which was not on the demo). This is clearly the best song on the EP. Well played and put together, “King Of The Kill” musically makes a lot of sense. It’s as thrashily comfortable as a well broken-in pair of jeans, providing a strong finish to this 17-minute effort.

Upgrade” is short and intense; a touch of chaos thrown in for good measure. The songs on the EP are built around melodic riffs, then intermixed with bursts of speed and shred. Musically this makes “Upgrade” a bit uneven; sometimes the formula makes sense, at others the result is cacophonous.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Ghoul
2. Torture, Insanity
3. Get Out Of My Way
4. King Of My Kill
Ben “Polle” Radtleff – Guitars, Vocals
Aria Mobbarez – Guitars
Bjørn “Krölle” Hjortgaard – Bass
Max Petrén Bach Hansen – Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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