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Demonical - World Domination Award winner

World Domination
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 19 November 2020, 6:40 AM

The Swedish Death Metal scene evolved from Hardcore influences mixed with early Thrash Metal features (a difference from USA Death Metal that evolved from Metal names using MOTÖRHEAD touches). NIHILIST, CARNAGE and MORBID were the seeds from where ENTOMBED, UNLEASHED and DISMEMBER bloomed (the later ones bearing defined Metal influences), and the rest is history. But still today, classic albums as “Like an Evenflowing Stream”, “Left Hand Path” and “Where No Life Dwells” inspire many new names, as DEMONICAL, a good Swedish quintet that storms with full force with “World Domination”.

Their musical work is based on a recollection of Swedish Death Metal clichés with a personal update. It means that even with such Old School approach, they have an identity pulsing on their songs (because there are some arrangements on the musical instruments that aren’t conventional for such Metal genre, with excellent slow parts contrasting with fast tempos). It’s brutal, aggressive and sounds like a pure breed Swedish Death Metal band from Stockholm form the 90’s, but unleashing a maelstrom of energy, with very hooking parts (where the early Swedish Hardcore influences arise).

The band left the mixing and mastering of “World Domination” in the hands of Karl Daniel Lidén (and Johan Hjelm along Jonas Arnberg worked on the recording), creating a massive sound quality that shows the same features from Old School Swedish Death Metal (even with that ‘buzzsaw’ guitars sound). But all is sounding in an actual form, in a way that all sounds defined and on their due places. It’s raw and massive, but understandable.

Eight massive strikes form the musical content of “World Domination”, and “My Kingdom Done” (a brutal and massive song, but with some tempos changes, and a very good work from bass guitar and drums can be heard), the catchy Hardcore parts of “Hellfire Rain” (it’s impossible to not shake the head listening to it, and what great work on the guitars), the bitter slow parts of “Aeons of Death”, the traditional Swedish  approach shown on “The Thin Darkness” and “We Stand as One”, and…well, the homogeneity of the songs turns any choice personal, than the best thing to do is to hear it all, and chose your favorite ones (but even in such way, it’s truly hard to do so).

Maybe DEMONICAL could be a leading force to make such Old School sound reborn on Sweden. For now, “World Domination” is a great release, and deserves applause! By your physical copies (digital copies are for non-Metal fanatics).

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. My Kingdom Done
2. Hellfire Rain
3. Aeons of Death
4. The Thin Darkness
5. We Stand as One
6. Victorious
7. Slipping Apart
8. Calescent Punishment
Christofer Säterdal - Vocals
Johan Haglund - Rhythm Guitars
Eki Kumpulainen - Lead Guitars
Martin Schulman - Bass
Ronnie Bergerstål - Drums
Record Label: Agonia Records


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