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Demons And Wizards – Touched By The Crimson King (Reissue) Award winner

Demons And Wizards
Touched By The Crimson King (Reissue)
by Brian "Metal" Morton at 15 June 2019, 1:08 AM

DEMONS AND WIZARDS have reissued their second album “Touched by the Crimson King” and it’s just as amazing as when it first came out. DEMONS AND WIZARDS is one of the most influential Power Metal acts to have ever existed. Made up by the vocalist for BLIND GUARDIAN Hansi Kürsch and the guitarist for ICED EARTH Jon Schaffer.  They are also working on a new album that is due to arrive next year. I personally cannot wait!

The album starts off with the song “Crimson King” which is one of the most epic songs on the album. This is how you write Power Metal right here! If a Power Metal song doesn’t make you want to go on a quest that was given to you by a guy in a dark corner of a tavern, then they aren’t doing it right. “Beneath the Ways” is up next and this song is just absolutely brilliant. It’s slower but just as powerful as any song on the album. I absolutely love this song. Another bad ass song is “Terror Train” this song has so much energy that it makes me want to get into my metal steed and drive over the speed limit. But I am not trying to catch a ticket today. This is one of the most metal songs on the album.

“Seize the Day” is more on the melodic side of what the band puts out. It’s slower paced yet powerful at the same time. This is a very enjoyable song and it’s one I have listened to for years when I am feeling melancholic. “Gunslinger” starts off pretty slow, but around the one minute and thirty second mark, the song takes off like a bat out of hell. Watch out because it could very easily make you snap your neck when you start headbanging out of nowhere. “Love’s Tragedy Asunder” is another one that starts off pretty slow and melodic but kicks into high gear around the three minute mark. This song is one of the sickest songs on the album and it’s absolutely incredible.

“Wicked Witch” is one of the slowest and more melodic songs on the album. It is completely beautiful and one of my favorites on the album.”Dorian” picks the pace back up and goes full throttle. It has every single thing you could ask for in a Power Metal song. The vocals are crisp and the guitars are full of gallops. This song is sick as fuck and one I highly recommend. “Down Where I Am” is a perfect blend of power and melody. The lyrics are on point as well. Now whenever I hear of a band covering a LED ZEPPELIN song I really get apprehensive and distant and usually don’t even want to listen. But DEMONS AND WIZARDS pulled off a cover of LED ZEPPELIN’s “Immigrant Song”. This is literally one of the only covers of LED ZEPPELIN I am actually more than okay with. They did a phenomenal job on this one.

“Lunar Lament” is what I consider the very definition of what Power Metal should sound like. This song is completely beautiful and wonderfully written. “Spatial Architects” is another one that is the epitome of Power Metal. This song is fucking brilliant! There are more songs on this reissue but they’re  all demos and alternate versions of the songs I have already written about so I will let you listen to those yourselves. I really enjoyed this reissue and ill be listening to it for a while to come.

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Crimson King
2. Beneath the Ways
3. Terror Train
4. Seize the Day
5. Gunslinger
6. Love’s Tragedy Asunder
7. Wicked Witch
8. Dorian
9. Down Where I Am
10. Immigrant Song
11. Lunar Lament
12. Spatial Architects
13. Wicked Witch (Slow Version)
14. Terror Train (Demo)
15. Beneath These Waves (Demo)
16. Seize the Day (Demo)
17. Spatial Architects (Demo)
18. Down Where I Am (Demo)
19. The Gunslinger (Demo)
20. Until She Comes (Demo)
21. Love’s Tragedy Asunder (Demo)
22. Crimson King (Demo)
Hansi Kürsch – Vocals
Jon Schaffer – Guitars
Record Label: Century Media Records


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