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Denial of God - Death and the Beyond Award winner

Denial of God
Death and the Beyond
by Dory Khawand at 09 August 2012, 1:49 PM

Greetings ladies and gents, who’s up for some Horror Black Metal? Oh yes, I assure you, that’s a genre, and it’s played by the bloodthirsty Danes, DENIAL OF GOD. Allow me to sum up the genre for you by this very simple, yet entertaining procedure. Buy a blender and obtain the following ingredients: An ounce of HECATE ENTHRONED, half a pound of MOONBLOOD and mix well with virgin blood. Now you’ll see a music album being formed in front of you. That’s when you season it with some CRADLE OF FILTH, and BAM! Say hello to DENIAL OF GOD’s latest Horror Black Metal album: “Death and Beyond”.

These Danish fellows have been around for 21 years. 21 damn years! And being a very big fan of the Black Metal genre, I’m surprised I’ve never even read their name anywhere. The three devil conjurers have released a load of EPs and a full length album prior to “Death and Beyond” since their inception. Moreover; having been around since 1991, you better not think of these 3 Black Metal knights as novices, for you would be proven wrong (and put to shame by the Dark Lord Satan). So let’s open the gates of Asmodeus, step into the tomb from where this album was summoned, and seek enlightenment about its contents.

The intro track “Veni Spiritus” captivates you with a great piano display accompanied by some dark/gothic spoken lyrics in the background. At this moment, I anticipated what was to come with the second track, and my ears were as open as the vast blue sky. “Funeral” really surprised me, no raw Black Metal riffing, no undecipherable vocals, none of that whatsoever. Instead, the guitars were emotional and melodic, slowly setting the song on the right track. As for the vocals, they weren’t unique or anything, your typical Black Metal vocals, but very well done, and to my surprise, I understood what was being screamed very well.

The third track “Behind the Coffin’s Lid” is a masterpiece. I love every second this beautiful gem has to offer. It starts with some of the catchiest tremolo guitars I’ve heard in a while, runs for 3 minutes and succeeds at bringing my ears great satisfaction. The song comes to a halt, and seconds in, I’m immediately shocked at the wonder I was listening to.  The undistorted guitars can literally leave you in tears, and those lyrics can reach out to your inner soul and stab it with a poisoned knife. I really don’t know about Horror Black Metal, because so far, I’m sensing some NWOBHM, and Melodic influences. I replayed “Behind the Coffin’s Lid” countless times and I still crave for more up to this point.

I could really talk about every track in detail, but I’ll end up in tears if I do so. The songs are all very well done and you’ll see a lot interesting elements for sure. You have the folk elements in the intro for “The Cursed Chamber”, and the beautiful atmospheric feel in “Spectral Lights” which would have disturbed me if I was 6 years younger or so. Oh, and the violins and background chanting in the 15 minute epic “Pendulum Swings”.

So if you’re a Black Metal fan looking for something new and refreshing, this album is exactly what you need. Approach this album with caution, treat it well, and it shall reward you greatly.

4 Star Rating

1. Veni Spiritus
2. Funeral
3. Behind the Coffin’s Lid
4. The Cursed Chamber
5. Bones Turn to Dust
6. Black Dethe
7. Spectral Lights
8. Pendulum Swings
Aster - Guitars
Ustumallagam - Vocals
Galheim - Drums
Record Label: Hell’s Headbangers Records


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