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Denial of God - The Hallow Mass Award winner

Denial of God
The Hallow Mass
by James Brizuela at 24 October 2019, 6:23 AM

DENIAL OF GOD is a legendary black metal band that originally formed in 1991 in Denmark. Existing without having never broken up and having a record as being of the longest tenured Danish band in existence. Brothers Ustumallagam (Vocals) and Azter (Guitars) haven’t served as the primary core of the band since first forming. DENIAL OF GOD returns with their brand-new full-length album “The Hallow Mass”. DENIAL OF GOD has that very old school black metal sound. But, in that old school sound there exists that style all their own. The opening track in “Hallowmass” showcasing some of that style. You get to hear the rock and roll influenced style of black metal. It is almost as if IRON MAIDEN and VENOM had a black metal baby. There is a lot of tempo changes in the track that showcase DENIAL OF GOD’s musical prowess. There is a lot offered musically in the 14-minute length. You get the brutal and more melodic sounding black metal all at once, plus the atmospheric church bells that offer a bit more eeriness to the sound.

I truly appreciate the clarity in the musicianship of this album. You can clearly hear all the instrumentation working together without being overshadowed by the vocals. DENIAL OF GOD has this very distinct black metal sound that brings this certain brutal and rock and roll groove. The tracks move at a certain melody that just fits so well. “Undead Hunger” is one such groovy song. It has a slower tempo, but still offers up a powerfully raw sound. There are these gallop-like musical nuances that just add extra depth to the sound. What I love most is the break in the tempo that brings this very melodic instrumental in the middle of the track. The enunciation of the vocals from Ustumallagam is greatly appreciated as well. They are completely vile and brutal, but you can clearly understand what is being said. There is a certain art to being able to handle brutal yet clear vocals. There is just so much to appreciate in DENIAL OF GOD’s usage of the old school rock and metal sound mixed with their black metal. It’s like listening to rock of the 60's, but with a much more brutal twist to it. That’s the feeling I got completely from “The Shapeless Mass”. “A Thousand Funerals” shows off the more atmospheric sound with a beautiful organ melody. I love the sounds that are offered in “The Hallow Mass”. There is so much stylistically going on in the way of melodic, old school, and brutal black metal. There is no way anyone of the old school metal and rock sound would not appreciate this album.

DENIAL OF GOD shows no signs of slowing down as their lengthy tenured Danish black metal crown is concerned. “The Hallow Mass” is fantastically diverse black metal album. The old school sounds mixed with the brutal black metal sound of this album delivers on every facet. Bang your head to this one.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Hallowmass
2. Undead Hunger
3. The Shapeless Mass
4. The Lake in the Woods
5. Hour of the Worm
6. A Thousand Funerals
7. The Transylvanian Dream
Ustumallagam – Vocals
Azter – Guitar
Galheim – Drums
Record Label: Osmose Productions


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