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Dennis Deyoung – 26 East – Volume 1

Dennis Deyoung
26 East – Volume 1
by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 15 July 2020, 1:43 AM

DENNIS DEYOUNG is one of the founding members of the band STYX. DENNIS DEYOUNG released the new album "26 East Volume 1" on May 20th 2020 under the umbrella of Frontiers Music. The album is a Hard Rock/Blues Rock kinda album. It’s one of those late at night albums when you wanna chill with your tunes. The album has 10 new songs to play on your stereo. The band has a couple of new members in August Zadra & Craig Carter, who seem to fit right in as if they were always meant to be there. With an impressive back catalogue to their name, the band bring us yet more Chill Rock with a MAGNUM or SAXON type feel to the music & the tempo at which it’s played. The whole album just sounds so relaxing to the ear.

Opening the album is the song “East Of Midnight.” This song brings us in on a hail of keyboards, guitars & drums. The song reminds me of the 80’s vibe of Blues Rock. It’s a song that has bounce to it. The music makes you feel like a trip back in time to my childhood, yet at the same time it’s brand new. I feel that this song shows each band members talents rather well. Moving on to song number 2, which is called “With All Due Respect.” This one is quite entertaining in the fun department lyrically speaking. It starts with a bit of banter about fake news & such like to then give way to the music coming in. Bringing in that Bluesy Metal theme again, this song has bite. The chorus is so easy to catch onto & sing along to.

Moving on to song number 4 on the album which is called “You My Love,” 3 minutes 59 seconds long and which is quite a smooth number. It’s quite the ballad styled song. It’s a typical tear jerker song. This kind of music takes me back & it’s good to know there are bands out there keeping the old rhythms alive in the new age. Song number 6 is called “Damn That Dream” and opens with a flurry of guitars giving way to the joining vocals. It’s got to be pointed out as one of the highlights of the album. This song drags you in & captivates the soul.

Song number 8 is “The Promise Of This Land.” Quite the lullaby sounding song. Right from the start we can hear the keyboards & this makes the song quite a soft sounding one. I makes me think of childhood movies in the theatre with the lights dimmed out. I makes me feel like I want to break out the air guitar & join in! Closing the new album we have “A.D 2020” which is a softly played outro saying goodbye. It’s a track that makes you feel that as short as it is, you’ve been played out by a good lil number.

Overall, DENNIS DEYOUNG has lost nothing over the years. The band still hold true to form on their style of playing & songwriting. They are a band that will no doubt be playing us chilled vibes for years to come & continue to help us reminisce back to the days when we all had a little less grey hair, yeah this is a band that makes me feel my age. However DENNIS DEYOUNG wear it better!

Songwriting 8
Musicianship 7
Memorability 7
Production 8

4 Star Rating

1. East Of Midnight
2. With All Due Respect
3. A Kingdom Ablaze
4. You My Love
5. Run For The Roses
6. Damn That Dream
7. Unbroken
8. The Promise Of This Land
9. To The Good Old Days
10. A.D 2020
August Zadra – Guitars/Vocals
Jimmy Leahey – Guitars/Vocals
John Blasucci – Keyboards
Craig Carter – Bass/Vocals
Michael Morales – Drums
Suzzane DeYoung
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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