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Denouncement Pyre - Forever Burning

Denouncement Pyre
Forever Burning
by Craig Rider at 05 August 2022, 6:05 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice. I am proud to present to you: DENOUNCEMENT PYRE; signed via Agonia Records, hailing from Australian grounds - performing Black/Death Metal, on their 4th full-length studio album entitled: “Forever Burning” (released June 17th, 2022). Since formation in 2003; the trio in question have a demo entitled: “The Storm To End All Wars” (released April 2004), a live album entitled: “Barbaric Vengeance” (released May 2005), 4 EPs entitled: “Under The Aegis Of Damnation” (released May, 2006), “Hells Infantry” (released August, 2006), “Circle Of The Black Flame” (released September 16th, 2008), and “Darkness Manifest” (released December 21st, 2012). A split entitled: “Chaos Rising” (released January 23rd, 2008), and 4 full-length studio albums entitled: “World Cremation” (released August 30th, 2010), “Almighty Arcanum” (released January 22nd, 2013), “Black Sun Unbound” (released July 22nd, 2016) on top of this 4th record of which I am introduced to. 8 tracks ranging around 41:49; DENOUNEMENT PYRE arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Black/Death Metal developments.

Opening up with this rampantly rompy snare of scouring distortion: “Forever Burning” starts off the record with a blistering barrage frenzy in boisterously bouncy grinds of slaying ramification, rumbling with reverberating mayhem & trailblazing speed, volatile meatiness wrathfully pumps out piercing punchiness that manifests with wildly rushing sharpness that distills a razor tremolo impact. Impulsing calamity rifts with shredding perseverance from consisting guitar/bass/vocalist multitasker D., a dexterously dynamic virtuosity quintessentially unleashes a berserking blitzkrieg in bulldozing artillery - distinctively attacking eardrums with sonically seamless rawness amongst a flamboyantly distinguished pursuit of striking vehemence. Rampaging nimbleness rapidly swifts with monstrous savagery, where sturdy thuds stridently throttles with profusely robust precision & steely solidity.

The Liberating Fires Of Moloch” rivets with primitively tight weightiness; while surging vocals venomously gurgle infectiously, as bleeding gutturals grumble an elementary growl that soars with roaring raspiness while throaty yells bark into a bellowing shroud of sinister shouts that shatters souls with mesmerizing force. An audible bass injection from R. thumps out some flickering bombast, as trembling quakes relentlessly stampede speakers with monolithic tempo & fierce firepower expertise that unleashes some ruthless pandemonic barbarity for good measure. “Tongues Stretched For Salvation” symbolically lacerates an experimental intensity in technical versatility, utilizing killer blasphemy and chiseling crescendo abilities which towers with all guns blazing attributes amongst a firing all cylinder momentum. Rambunctiously piledriving drummer L. hammers his set with battering bolts of smacking pounds & pummeled viscerality, viciously belting a clobbering foundation in hybrid grittiness amongst a concrete crunch for dense but borderline chunk of sulfurous brutality.

Darkness In The Eyes Of Apophis” systematically bludgeons heads with pugnacious filth; gravitational heft organically provides malevolent substance of gnarly abomination, nothing short of raged machination unearths this ritualistic slab of groove-bomb rampaging charges in dashing fervor that will make one want to break chairs over other chairs in no time - while raising hell-induced havoc and chaos-ridden madness to wake Satan from his slumber in a worshipping sarcriledge of possessed liturgy. “Hung Like Swine” is a thrashy reveler; where vibrantly potent yet ominously jarring terror fabricates a chugging armanent in galloping frolicks that rollick with prodegious tactics, prestigiously sweeping with tempestuous steam & storming riffs that hook a gripping stability on synergetic semblance oppressively well.

Burn This World And Start Again” descegrates souls with persistent perseverance; bashfully bulldozing bodies with onslaughting precision, nothing but contorted aggression extremely batons amplifiers into an adrenaline filled trudgeon of thick sludge & shrieking thrust of evil empowering vigor. Tormented with rigorous yet sweltering zeal of smoldering severity, unremitting songwriting musicianship never ceases in continued retribution & rebellious subjugation. Dominating heads into a calmouring structure of banging finesse that uproariously outrages with unrelenting malice to boot, an exercise in emancipated entrancements certainly awaits you with this one. The penultimate bruiser “The Opposer Of Light” banishes a dark but blackened hostility in demonically devilish destruction that showcases an enthralling flexibility in fundamental but diabolical wickedness, where radical shrines of tenacious trepidation wonders with menacing but heinous instrumental craftsmanship ability that will unveil a devastating but ghastly experience intertwined with this mythical trampling in heavy as hell catchiness amongst a furnace of abhorrent but harrowing assimilation of wretched & otherworldly transgressions that evolve inventively well with tailoring tremors proficiency.

Overall concluding “Forever Burning” with the finale epic: “Sunder The Living Temple”; a thunderous revolution of rev pulsing majesty prodigiously enforces an enjoyably entertaining discovery for those who need a healthy dose of some Black infused Death Metal that will surely start your day off rightly with, bottom line… I am compelled to say that DENOUNCEMENT PYRE most certainly delivered a justifiable slice of these merged subgenres with prolific but archaic archetypes within these subgenres that definitely deserves spinning & re-playing should you fancy a deathly but damning fix of seething tonality. Worthy of listening to, do check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Forever Burning
2. The Liberating Fires Of Moloch
3. Tongues Stretched For Salvation
4. Darkness In The Eyes Of Apophis
5. Hung Like Swine
6. Burn This World And Start Again
7. The Opposer Of Light
8. Sunder The Living Temple
D. - Guitars/Bass/Vocals
R. - Bass
L. - Drums
Record Label: Agonia Records


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