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Depraved Murder - Unethical Terrestrial Collapse

Depraved Murder
Unethical Terrestrial Collapse
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 16 March 2023, 4:47 AM

Brutal Death Metal seems to be filled with clones of acts as SUFFOCATION, extreme versions of CANNIBAL CORPSE or MORBID ANGEL, or CRYPTOPSY, turning the experience of hearing to a new release within the genre a boring and painful experience (especially for writers). Musical works of clones aren’t enough to make someone horny for it. But there are always some releases that can make things taste good, as is the case of “Unethical Terrestrial Collapse”, the latest release of the Indonesian duet DEPRAVED MURDER.

They’re a brutal Death Metal act with a slight difference from others: they mix their music with some traditional Death Metal influences, so they’re not ‘trapped inside’ a closed box done with the clichés of the genre. Of course it’s not different from others, but the main aspect is that their musical work is filled with personality, and even with some points that need to sharpened in a better way in their future releases, “Unethical Terrestrial Collapse” sounds very good to the ears, brutal, technical to the right point, but without the same usual clichés of the genre. It’s very good, indeed. The songs were mixed and mastered by the hands of Indra Braille of Texas Soundlab (or Texas Sicklab), a known producer for such genre. And the final result sounds brutal, oppressive and extreme heavy, but defined to a point where everything sounds clean to the ears (in the sense that things are pretty easy to be understood). And the artwork of Aghy Purakusuma envelops the album in a very good form, as stating what one will find on it.

For those that are used on extreme Metal genres, “Unethical Terrestrial Collapse” offers tons of aggressiveness and fun (music is about fun, you know). But for those that aren’t introduced to the band’s work, the best set of songs for losing your virginity is composed of “Entering Into Calamity” (a brutal and technical song, but the traditional Death Metal tack is clear, and what a great drumming is presented), “The Anguish of Dystopian” (very good and catchy guitar riffs into this fast tempo piece of music), “Mass Murder Existence” (another song based on fast tempos, but with many shifts on the rhythms, and what good grunts are presented by the vocals), “The Pinnacle of Vile Conceit” (due the main use of slower tempos than what’s shown on previous songs, this song is really amazing, with the extreme hooks becoming evident, and what great riffs and solos of the guitars), and “Unethical Terrestrial Collapse”.

If you’re a Death Metal fan, listen to “Unethical Terrestrial Collapse” and blast off your ears. DEPRAVED MURDER is the right band for you.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Entering Into Calamity
2. The Anguish of Dystopian
3. False Adoration
4. Mass Murder Existence
5. Unmanifest Void
6. The Pinnacle of Vile Conceit
7. Relentless Brutality
8. Unethical Terrestrial Collapse
9. Apocryphal Hymns
Ogy - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Rama Maulana - Drums
Record Label: Comatose Music


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