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Depraved - Raped Innocence Award winner

Raped Innocence
by James Brizuela at 12 December 2019, 4:24 AM

DEPRAVED is a Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore outfit that originally formed in France in 1992. After touring across Europe for nearly 20 years, while simultaneously making a name for themselves in the death metal scene, they return in 2020 with their fourth full-length album “Raped Innocence”.
Intro” was very much an indication of the brutality journey I would be taken on while listening to “Raped Innoncence”. The sounds of heavy breathing and demonic sounds only perpetuated the feeling of uneasiness that started off this mayhem. What is interesting about DEPRAVED’s sound is how the melody has a very thrash and rock and roll sound to it, but you are met with absolute brutal vocals and a wall of death metal fierceness, like in the opening track “See My Suffering World”.

There are some impressive guitar sweeps going on as well. This isn’t just your run of the mill death metal band. Or as they have coined themselves, “death grind”. I love the more thrash sound that is carried throughout the album. It is a pure mix of grindcore, death metal, and thrash all in one perfect blend. “God Forgives I don’t” is the perfect example of this. You get the chanting thrash vocals, but that fierce and punishing speed of grindcore. “The Mask of Terror” adds a more harrowing screaming like vocal in the beginning of the track that reminds me more of black metal, but instantly leads back into the pure death and grindcore sound. This is where that prototypical death metal sound starts to come in, but even still there is a certain style that is much more melodic to this track.

50 Shade Of Blood” brings back the thrash fierceness with the brutal grindcore vocals. DEPRAVED really have a style all their own when it comes to blending the pure brutality of grindcore with more stylistic guitar work and overall melody. It is not just about hammering you with blistering speeds, there is some definite style going on. This album offers up some crucially brutal music, but then there is just pure musicianship going on. “Prisoner in my Head” is a perfect example of this as you are met with all these stylistic changes happening all at once. I am thoroughly impressed with the sound of DEPRAVED and their ability to not just be a “one trick pony” death metal band. There is a complete groove to their unique grind sound, and it makes you want to run straight into the pit.

Corridor of Insanity” showcases the bands ability to add a more rock and roll sound to their already big repertoire of music. The guitar solo just adds an even deeper element that this band has already achieved in previous tracks. “Raped Innocence” is a masterfully diverse and brutal album. It is equal parts style, death, grindcore, and thrash blended all together for a complete sound. I can honestly say I had some of the the most fun ever listening to this album . From start to finish DEPRAVED give you something to bang your head to, but groove to as well. Though the lyrical theme is gnarley in nature, the music has a certain ebb and flow that brings with it pure adrenaline and fun.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. See My Suffering World
3. God Forgives I don’t
4. The Mask of Terror
5. 50 Shade of Blood
6. Prisoner in my Head
7. No Time For Peace
8. Mental Illness
9. Corridor Of Insanity
10. Mesmerize
11. Asylum
Franck Mathieu – Drums
Gilles Pincet – Guitars
Kristoff Henry – Vocals
Cédric Gérard – Guitars
Jean-Noël Verbecq – Bass
Record Label: Music Records


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