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Deprive - Into Oblivion

Into Oblivion
by Paulomaniaco at 16 March 2015, 7:48 PM

There are lots of one man bands out there, and DEPRIVE is yet another one: Formed in Spain in 2013 by Erun-Dagoth who plays for five other bands and have otherwise been involved in more than ten other bands, he is a very busy man, but I wonder if he has found one that is really worthy to dedicate his full time with? Well he is very talented musician that's for sure, however the thing with one man band is: Will he be able to perform live gigs? Will he find competent musicians to deliver the goods? I really hope so, because what we have here is a fine Death Metal album and the fans will love to see it live.

The production is good and has a murky sound that I think is very cool; very old school approach. The opener, "Catacombs Of Betrayal", is very heavy and dirty, builds up nicely with a cool pace, and features some really nice riffs, awesome leads and good solos. "Nightsky Revelations" delivers more mayhem: the vocals are awesome, deep, thick and quite raspy - I really like it - and some blast beats also makes the album very interesting; fucking brutal yet melodic. I can see Erun-Dagoth  influences: MORBID ANGEL, MY DYING BRIDE, DEATH, AUTOPSY which in my opinion makes for a very good and very technical album foundation.

"Fall Of Entrophy" is another killer track with lots of variations in tempo and more of that lovely murky sound. "Infamous Ossuary Of Tribulation" brings in more chaos and blasphemy as it paints a picture of the gates of hell opening wide and demons being cast upon mankind - coming from a catholic country, I think the concept of this album speaks for itself! Really overall just cool lyrical work, all done by Erun-Dagoth, and the cover art is just brilliant.

"Into Oblivion" really is an album for die-hard Death Metallers; a very interesting album with a touch of Doom thus making this album even darker. I really like it: It offers you a great variety of songs and also four bonus tracks which are very good songs as well. I don't know if DEPRIVE is going to remain as a side project, I really hope not, because I really hope Erun-Dagoth carries on with the band and recruit more members and spread hell across the globe because this is a sign of true talent!

5 Star Rating

1. Catacombs Of Betrayal
2. Nightsky Revelation
3. Fall Of Entrophy
4. Infamous Ossuary Of Tribulation
5. Dethroned Messiah
6. Apocryphal Mausoleum
7. Immemorial Ritual Beyond Death
8. An Oath Of Necrotical Mist
9. Into Oblivion
10. Divine Blood Of The Deceased
11. The Arrival (Bonus Track)
12. Innards Of Heaven (Bonus Track)
13. Below The Screams Of The Dying (Bonus Track)
14. De Vermis Mysteriis (Bonus Track)
Erun-Dagoth - All Instruments And Vocals
Record Label: Memento Mori Records


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