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Derdian - New Era Pt. 3 - The Apocalypse

New Era Pt. 3 - The Apocalypse
by Jonathan Maphet at 06 June 2010, 12:06 PM

DERDIAN is a Power Metal band hailing from Milan, Italy. They have undergone some significant line-up changes over the years with Henry Pistolese being the only original member left. Despite the line-up changes DERDIAN has managed to retain the same sound and not lose any noticeable musicianship. Many bands are largely one main member, and then whoever else they decide the rest of the band will be. I hope this doesn’t continue so DERDIAN can tour. It is hard for a one man band and session musicians to do that. This band deserves the attention a full tour will provide.

The first thing I noticed when listening to this album was how similar in sound they resemble SONATA ARCTICA. I quite like that band, so it isn’t a bad thing. The first actual song (not a prelude), “The Spell”, is my favorite song on the album. The main riff is brilliant. It reminded me of older FREEDOM CALL, but this is a particular genre and of course there will be some similarities. As long as they are good ones, it is permissible. “The Spell” is a rapid paced song about a wizard capturing the soul of a warrior and making him do as he so desires. Though the English is a bit broken, but the main intent comes through plainly. The choir-like backing vocals fit in very well and add nicely to the ‘Epic’ feel of the song.

Like the aforementioned SONATA ARCTICA, there are plenty of piano parts mixed in with the power chords and the rapid double bass slamming. Don’t let the piano fool you, it starts out mellow then speeds up in a hurry on the song “Revolt”, also a very good song with an appearance of the female guest vocalist, Elisa Lisy Stefanoni, who also adds her talents as a flute player to the album. DERDIAN has created a great album with top notch playing and stellar production. I can find any fault with mixing at all. It is amazing what technology has brought to the table in terms of sound production. You no longer have to be a millionaire to produce a beautiful sounding album. The main ingredient needed to create a great Power Metal album is talent, and DERDIAN is filled to the brim with it.

The instrumental “Presagio” is an upbeat happy type of song. I couldn’t help smiling while listening to it. Vocalist Joe Cagganelli does a tremendous job throughout the entire album, too. I also noticed a distinct RHAPSODY OF FIRE influence on the final track. Again, I have no problem with that. Nothing is a direct copy of anything else, just a similarity in overall sound, much like you can tell country music when you hear it, you can also tell Power Metal when you hear it, due in part to the artists’ influences sometimes shining through.

Upon reading the lyrics it is plain to me that DERDIAN is trying to create an epic story, and in the lyrics in the final song, it turns out to be a tragic ending, but it’s just a song, surely it isn’t the end? The last paragraph reads, and I sparse it a bit, “Derdian will crash to the ground” and two sentences later “nothing can save us from the storm”. Cheer up guys! With an album this good, I don’t think you are going anywhere anytime soon!

If you like melodic Power Metal with all the bells and whistles, this one is for you. It contains the best of everything the genre has to offer. “New Era Part 3 - The Apocalypse” will make a great addition to your Power Metal collection, as I know it will in mine.

4 Star Rating

  1. Preludio
  2. The Spell
  3. Battleplan
  4. Black Rose
  5. Her Spirit Will Fly Again
  6. Dreams
  7. Divine Embrace
  8. The Prophecy
  9. Burn
  10. Forevermore
  11. Revolt
  12. Presagio
  13. The Apocalypse
Joe – Vocals
Marco Garau – Keyboards
Henry Enrico Pistolese - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dario Radaelli - Lead Guitar
Marco Banfi - Bass
Salva - Drum
Record Label: Magna Carta


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