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Desecrated Sphere - Emancipate

Desecrated Sphere
by Bex "Hardcore" Tasker at 26 August 2013, 5:29 PM

Brazilian DESECTRATED SPHERE formed in January of 2011, yet have already earned themselves a strong reputation in Brazil and internationally. The Death Metal quintet feature the awesome growls of Renato Sgarbi, the powerful guitar work of Gustavo Lozano and Rubens Fraleone, the strong bass of José “Motor” Mantovani and the deadly drumming of Saulo Benedetti. The band’s second full-length release “Emancipate” is catchy, heavy and perfect for all fans of the darker side of music.

The opening track goes in a different direction than the rest of the album, “Reconnective” starting with pleasant guitar, a muffled spoken voice and even chucking some violin in there. The effect is interesting, as the elements seem so contradictory but they go together so nicely. The songs that follow really adhere to the Death Metal genre, with constant double kicks, low and angry growls, and guitars that have no trouble venturing from clean to distortion to breakdowns. The riffs are particularly catchy in “Humanufactory”, a witty title for a musically witty song. Many Metal bands put the bass in the backseat, as if they’re afraid to let him drive.

There are several incidents on this album where the bass is clearly entrusted to control the band vehicle, particularly in “Departure From Flash”, “Source of Disassociation” and “Leaders of Babylon”, where the rumbly riffs are definitely within earshot. I like it when you can hear the bass, it’s a cool instrument. “(Re)wake” is a soothing instrumental interlude, giving the listener a short break away from the previous brutality before launching them into the heavy “Leaders of Babylon”. The final track, “Eçá” is also music-only, and the drumming gets pretty funky, ending the album with a Technical Metal bang.

Two things that really stood out for me in this release were how well the instruments accompanied each other, and the vocals. Renato Sgarbi’s growls are consistent yet brutal, and are perfect for the genre. A great album, definitely give it an attentive listen.

4 Star Rating

1. Reconnective
2. Transcending Materialism
3. Departure From Flash
4. Immeasurable Universes
5. Linking Opposites (Demystifying Ormuzd and Ahriman)
6. Humanufactory
7. Urzustand
8. Source of Disassociation
9. (Re)Wake
10. Leaders of Babylon
11. Eçá
Renato Sgarbi – Vocals
Gustavo Lozano  - Guitar
Rubens Fraleone – Guitar
José “Motor” Mantovani – Bass
Saulo Benedetti – Drums
Record Label: DigiMetalWorld


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