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Desecresy - Chasmic Transcendence Award winner

Chasmic Transcendence
by Paulo Maniaco at 18 July 2014, 4:32 PM

DESECRESY is a two men band formed in 2009 in Finland and they play Old School Death Metal. Fans of BOLT THOWER, INCANTATION, GRAVE , IMMOLATION and ABHORRENCE  will be very happy with what they have to offer here, that is, pure  Death Metal heavy as it can be. A slow Death machine on the move.

This fantastic duo have released previously, two other albums; "Arches Of Enthropy " 2010 and "The Doom Spectron" 2012, and "Chasmic Transcendence" is more like a mutation of both released albums  and a touch of BOLT THOWER and  ABHORRENCE added to it. The result is brutal war machine out of control destroying everything on its way.

"Ethereal Bane" opens the curtain, Jarno vocals is dirty, heavy and it has this evil melody that tears you up from the inside. "Shattered Monuments" is next and follows the same path, instrumentally is very catching, distorted and quite technical with lots of variations. Despite the slow approach, DESECRESY have chosen to stick with, they have not lost their brutality. Most songs are less than four minutes each so I would say one would not get bored at all. As I said before, fans of BOLT THROWER will love this album. Tt is original, brutal on its own way and heavy as fuck, I listened to it few times and I want to listen more and more. Tommy does an amazing job playing all the instruments with such perfection "Voracious Mass" double kicks all over. That unique sounding going deep into your ears and tearing up and leaving behind those echoes of destruction and lost in the "Infinite Halls"  and meeting the "Travellers Of The Forbidden Planes" survive this onslaught if you dare.

"Chasmic Transcendence" is an album that I think will make a big impact in the Death Metal scene. Jarno and Tommy have joined forces and brought their knowledge to the table and the result is what you see in here. A heavy, dark and gloomy masterpiece of Death and crushing bones. Who ever said that Death Metal has to be fast to be good and prevail will have to change their view entirely because DESECRESY will destroy you slowly.

As production goes. I can't fault anything at all, artwork cover the same, excellent, the only thing is, I would love to see them crushing bones live, hope they work out something and all the best.

5 Star Rating

1. The Ethereal Bane
2. Shattered Monuments
3. The Denied Legacy
4. The Eye Of Death
5. Cyclonic Mass Consumptor
6. Sons Of The Burning God II
7. Celestial Intoxication
8. Climber Of The Sky
9. Hibernant Orbs
10. Travellers Of Forbidden Planes
11. voracious Mass
12. Infinite Halls
13. Autumn Of Souls
Tommy Gronqvist - All Instruments
Jarno Nurmi - Vocals
Record Label: MDD Records / Xtreem Music


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