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Desecresy - The Doom Skeptron

The Doom Skeptron
by Herve "5D" Heussaff at 25 October 2012, 1:06 AM

The big buzz in the Metal world recently, at least from what I see, is the long awaited (for 8 years) release of WINTERSUN’s new album. How is this related to what I’m trying to say about "The Doom Skeptron" of DESECRESY though? The fact that it sounds enough like a band that also hasn’t released anything for even a longer period (BOLT THROWER). Now that I’ve drawn you attention towards this, any of you BOLT THROWER fans are wondering what’s happened to them. Here, have something to listen to hold you over if you are sitting in the corner curled up at the realization that BOLT THROWER haven’t released something since 2005.

The guitars here sound a lot like BOLT THROWER's as you would expect, about the same amount of distortion, same pitch, maybe same tuning and everything, and they really go for that majestic BOLT THROWER vibe with these riffs, with plenty of slow Doom riffs and grinding breakneck alternate picked parts laid over with a whole lot of blast beats, just like BOLT THROWER did before them. The drum rhythms also are a lot like that British Death Metal sound with plenty of slower hi hat-snare parts.

The album isn’t just total BOLT THROWER worship though. If I was listening to this blindfolded and not told the name of the band I could still tell the band is their own, with some vibes of another band thrown in-ASPHYX. It particularly reminds me of "The Rack", and "Last One On Earth", however only in the more ethereal and more or less cleaner high register parts of the guitar harmonies, an element of this band that sets them apart from BOLT THROWER, and also in the solos. The music is very old school simple and catchy Death Metal with a very raw and gritty production. The vocals are mostly Karl Willets like, but tighter, lower, and dirtier. As Death Metal goes on the vocals get more extreme naturally, but other than that this album is a blast from the past and I heard others saying they thought it sounded like a band from the 90s that never took off.

One last positive aspect of this band that I’d like to point out that makes them different from BOLT THROWER is that I actually find the bass to be audible, but then again that could just be me, I only recall hearing BOLT THROWER’s bass on one album. Another way they do audible bass well is sometimes using as much distortion as the guitars, which a lot of bands do and you can tell, if the bass is isolated that is, but on DESECRESY’s "The Doom Skeptron" the bass is audible clean or dirty, and doesn’t sound too much like just a down tuned guitar.

4 Star Rating

1. Forged From Chaos.
2. The Sleep Of Titans
3. The Spectre Of Damnation
4. Burial Adorations
5. Declined Resplendence
6. Vortex Unwinding
7. Sons Of The Burning God
8. The Solemn End
Tommi Gronqvist- All Instruments (guitars, bass, drums)
Jarno Nurmi - All Vocals
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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