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Desert Near the End - Hunt for the Sun

Desert Near the End
Hunt for the Sun
by Branislav at 06 February 2015, 12:35 PM

So today I am writing a review about DESERT NEAR THE END's latest release, "Hunt for the Sun". They hailed their beginning back in 1997 by Akis  and Alexandros in Athens, Greece. As they officially mentioned, they took many forms and names and  released three demos and one album until 2005, under the name EVENTIDE. Throughout the upcoming years they've been struggling within inner desires and musical differences. In those years and up to 2012, they were carried upon the sound of 90's Thrash Metal. In the Earth-year of 2012, a man named Thanos armed DESERT NEAR THE END forces and they managed their full combat team. The latest elaborate comes out of the pits of Total Metal Records, from the depths of Ukraine, and I will mention this to all of you: "It's a clash, a clash of genres"!

"Hunt for the Sun" - basically combines bands such as AMON AMARTH, BLIND GUARDIAN, and I will feel the freedom and say, a beautiful sign of Modern Melodic Death Metal. A vary of now and then low-tuned vocals with with well-known Thrash Metal riffs give you the urge to taste more, more of the Greek metallers. Throughout the entire album, a lot of different genres face the battle between itself, but most of all the sound of mid-90's Thrash comprehend. Maybe, they've aimed at a bigger circle of the public and/or they've just expressing themselves, their skills via these variations, I could not tell, but I am sure some of you will love that.

After listening to "Hunt for the Sun'', you will surely find that moment of raw emotion, yet a pure wealth of eargasms and headbanging. You know, that particular artist that will make you quit every little work you're on just to do a round of windmilling?! Yes, that kind of headbang is expecting you here.

Tracks I were fond of listening and will suggest to my friends are: "Storm of my Side", "Morning Star" and "Angel of Deep". I only have few words for all of you - "Long live the blast beats"! My only disagreement and dislike about the album are the similarities of the other songs,because in my humble opinion,lots of riffs are repeating or at least are alike to the mentioned ones before. Vocally skilled  Alexandros is delivering fantastic action and energy. Well done mate. Great job guys.

4 Star Rating

1. Storm On My Side
2. Across The River
3. A Sunset of Our Own
4. Morning Star
5. Angel Of The Deep
6. Road to Nowhere
7. Eastern Path
8. A Distant Sun
Alexandros Papandreou - Vocals
Akis Prasinikas - Bass Guitar
Thanos K - Guitars
Lithras - Drums (Session)
Record Label: Total Metal Records


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