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Deserted Fear - Drowned by Humanity Award winner

Deserted Fear
Drowned by Humanity
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 02 February 2019, 5:51 AM

Since the rebirth of Death Metal in the beginning of the 90’s (because it stayed in the depths of the underground with the coming of Thrash Metal trend lasted between 1986 to 1989), the genre suffered a lot of mutations. Today, many bands prefer to not go into modern paths as Melodic Death Metal or Technical Death Metal, just try to be into an evolved outfit from the old ancients. That’s the case from the German Death Metal masters from DESERTED FEAR, for “Drowned by Humanity” (their latest album) is truly amazing.

They share the same essence of names as AT THE GATES and EDGE OF SANITY on its earlier works: a traditional Death Metal outfit using some melodic touches in some moments, what makes their music sounds brutal and aggressive, but charming and seductive. They play in a form that isn’t technically exaggerated, but that isn’t as simple as traditional Death Metal can sound sometimes, with fine musical arrangements filling all the spaces.  Yes, they’re pretty good, indeed, and their work on “Drowned by Humanity” deserves to be applauded effusively.

To produce the album, the hired Henrik Udd (who worked previously with AT THE GATES, CHROME DIVISION, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, HAMMERFALL and others), and his work took their music to another level. It’s still brutal and aggressive, but with a clean insight guiding the sound quality. The listener will understand everything that was done in terms of musical arrangements, and assimilate the songs easily

“All Will Fall” with the contrast of melodic touch with the sharp aggressiveness of Death Metal (along with good grunts), the faster and charming tempos of “An Everlasting Dawn” (very good guitar arrangements), the piledriving approach on the tempos of “The Final Chapter”, the melodic glue to bind together the aggressive elements of “Reflect the Storm”, the artillery of brutal riffs shown on “A Breathing Soul”, and the bitter touches of melodies shown on “Die in Vain” are the finest moments of the album. But the re-recorded version of “Tear of My Throne” is really great as the previous ones.

Their main musical genre isn’t new, but their approach is different, so it’s not a sin to think that DESERTED FEAR will grow to be a strong pillar for Death Metal in the years to come. And “Drowned by Humanity” is here to be a proof of the deeper meaning of these words.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. All Will Fall
3. An Everlasting Dawn
4. The Final Chapter
5. Reflect the Storm
6. Across the Open Sea
7. Welcome to Reality
8. Stench of Misery
9. A Breathing Soul
10. Sins from the Past
11. Scars of Wisdom
12. Die in Vain
13. Tear of My Throne (re-recorded
Manuel Glatter - Guitars, Vocals
Fabian Hildebrandt - Guitars
Simon Mengs - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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