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Desmönt Dee – Badass Attitude

Desmönt Dee
Badass Attitude
by Dave Nowels at 17 February 2020, 5:44 AM

DESMÖNT DEE is a German Heavy Metal band that plies their trade among the sleazy time capsules of the 80's Glam/Hard Rock LA scene. Or at least seemingly. The band was just formed in 2019, citing the mission of catapulting “real Badass Rock 'n' Roll” into the world, indicating that's what's missing in music these days. So, here we have the debut DESMÖNT DEE release on Rock Bells Records/Alive!.

Singer/songwriter Desmönt Dee began working with producer Andy Hagen in December 2018 after discovering they shared the same musical passions, and then set out to recruit a band of like-minded musicians and begin work on the EP we have here. Joining Dee are Jayy B. on guitar and Tim Kohlschmidt on bass, as well as two guest musicians, Kay on Lead Guitar and Ken Crowley on drums.

The album starts off with tolling bells and building excitement of “Joyride To Hell”. It's seemingly a decent enough start, but then Dee's harsh vocals join the fray. “This Is Rock 'n' Roll” follows the same formula, and indeed, the remainder of the album does the same. Musically, I like and appreciate “Badass Attitude”, so it's a tough predicament to be in to pan this release because of the vocals. I've given the EP multiple listens, and just cannot come to a point where I find it enjoyable. “The Same Old Blues” is a perfect derailing point. It's the lowpoint of this impressive trainwreck.

Desmönt Dee tries every cliché in the playbook to try to come across as sincere. Tolling bells, Hell/Devil, multiple usage of “Rock 'n' Roll”, Jack Daniels and other intoxicants, umlauts and a desperate attempt at swagger. It all falls flat. There are bands out there, JOHN DIVA & THE ROCKETS OF LOVE for example, capturing this era with real energy and sincerity. This one is a very hard pass.

Songwriting: 4
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 1
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Joyride To Hell
2. This Is Rock 'n' Roll
3. Old No. 7
4. The Devil Loves Rock 'n' Roll
5. The Same Old Blues
6. Children of Doom
Desmönt Dee – Vocals
Jayy B. - Guitar
Tim Kohlschmidt – Bass
Kay – Lead Guitar (Guest Musician)
Ken Crowley – Drums (Guest Musician)
Record Label: Rock Bells Records/ALIVE!


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Edited 04 April 2020

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