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Desolate Shrine - Deliverance from the Godless Void

Desolate Shrine
Deliverance from the Godless Void
by Riccardo Gaffuri at 22 December 2017, 8:34 AM

“Deliverance from the Godless Void” is DESOLATE SHIRNE’s fourth LP, from Dark Descent Records. Although laced with black and doom elements, their death metal adheres to the pillars of this genre, in a continuous flow of a black ooze, which covers our ears wave after wave, sometimes with faster speed, sometimes slower, but still inexorably; it’s up to L.L. and its blast-beats.

There is no light in DESOLATE SHRINE landscapes and no place for emotions other than desolation, sadness and melancholy, as the artwork properly suggests: as the tracklist goes on, listeners are drowned in this black quicksand. This happens quickly, indeed, with the opener “The Primordial One” fasting on every breath of life one might have. This is stressed even more in “Unmask the face of False”, where doom rhythms, mesmerizing riffage, along with unexpected accelerations and slowings, alternating harsh and growl vocals create an irresistible and hallucinating vortex into the abyss.

“The Waters of Man” is a brutal assault, enhanced by background keys, building a giant wall of sound, which no one could ever climb: the same wall that the whole album builds around the listener, forcing an hyper-stimulated self-gazing daze. Although not particularly original in their sound, DESOLATE SHRINE shine on their visionary inner force, as in “The Graeae”, binding into fairly long tracks and never letting a breeze of fresh air come through it.

The only way out is going deeper, once you put this latest DESOLATE SHRINE record on the platter: gaze into your abyss and let your abyss gaze into you, embracing the thick emptiness of the soul.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Primordial One
2. Lord of the Three Realms
3. Unmask the Face of False
4. The Waters of Man
5. The Graeae
6. Demonic Evocation Prayer
7. The Silent Star
8. …of Hell
L.L. - All instruments
M.T. - Vocals, Lyrics
R.S. – Vocals
Record Label: Dark Descent Records


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