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Despyre – Irritation

by Erik Akos at 10 January 2018, 5:20 PM

DESPYRE are an American Alt. Metal group from Suffolk County, New York. Formed in 2015 they have recently released their debut EP ”Irritation” in 2017 via Pavement Music.

First off, let me just say that the band name , the band logo, and the album cover are all pure 10/10 art. Now, let’s talk about the music.

There are really few tracks on the EP (obviously) so I’ll go with a track-by-track approach ”Blue Sky”, the opening track kicks off with a strangely SEPULTURA-ish riff and the perfect grey area production sticks out quite easily – it is just dirty and human enough to not be basically Pop, but it’s also not trve kvlt.

Both the vocals and the instrumentals have that somewhere-in-the-middle vibe between being emotionally captivating and just simply fun. Overall, this is a great track to start out the album, it also has a bit of originality as well, even though not that much.

Next one is ”Lies”, and I have to say, it’s almost as good as KORN’s ”Lies”. There is great chemistry and riffing overall, with just enough variety and heaviness. Yet what makes this song the best one on the EP is Rob Malvagno’s vocal performance – which is  emotional, passionate, masculine and epic. Those words perfectly sum up the song. Also, it has a REALLY catchy chorus and great lyricism.

”Irritation’s title track also gives us an opening riff highly influenced by the likes of SEPULTURA and SLAYER, with some vocals that range from batshit crazy, to simply irritated and relatively normal. Again, there is a catchy chorus and a better solo then the previous one. Mostly the same that was said about ”Lies” can be said about this one as well, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t different, they just use the same foundation and take it elsewhere. ”Irritation” takes it into a more groove-oriented style, instead of the vocal-focused form of track 2.

Track no. 4 is titled ”Voodoo Fix”, and with the exception of its phenomenal intro and singing there’s not much to be said about this one; I think it’s my least favourite off the album. It’s the heaviest, composition here and leans more towards Thrash with little Alt. characteristics, but it’s not the wildest, unfortunately - too cookie-cutter.

The concluding track, simply titled ”Black”, again has some pretty solid build-up, and provides a nice sense of closure and climax. That last laugh especially, it gives me the chills.

In conclusion, ”Irritation” is a quick listen, and not necessarily a hard one, but it’s emotional intensity and great chemistry makes it a solid effort. I must say, DESPYRE are on their way to greatness, and if they further develop their own musical character, they will be one of the leading forces in today’s Alternative Metal Scene.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Production: 10
Memorability: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Blue Sky
2. Lies
3. Irritation
4. Voodoo Fix
5. Black
Rob Malvagno – Vocals
Brad Maestro – Guitars
Dennis Gauido – Guitars
Kevin Cassidy – Bass
John D’Esposito – Drums
Record Label: Pavement Music


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