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Dessiderium – Shadow Burn

Shadow Burn
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 10 July 2020, 12:03 PM

DESSIDERIUM is a solo project by Alexander Haddad, in the genre of Progressive/Symphonic Black Metal, inspired by JRPGs, film, nostalgia, romance, and literature, and escapism. “Shadown Burn” is his fourth effort, and contains eight tracks.

“Shadow Burn” leads off the album, with eerie electronica, and then the chaos ensues. Ultra-fast drumming combines with super-heavy riffing along with some Symphonic elements. The vocals are varied…sometimes shrieks, other times low and guttural. The Symphonic elements really add a varied layer to an otherwise intense sound. “Mother” is an over eight-minute beast. The drums come at you first, galloping relentlessly, and the vocals next…harsh and biting. The guitars and bass dance around at first, with bells ringing in the background. Clean vocals come in after a few minutes, offering some additional variation.

“Soul Bursting” is another intense song where the speed is about as fast as one can handle. It lets up for just a bit near the middle section, allowing some melody and even harmonic guitar parts to shine. “Streaks” finds no evidence of the album slowing down at all. The tightness that Alexander has created here is noteworthy. Every instrument moves forward with the other, in a synergy that is hard to describe. Progressive elements shine her in the impossible shifting of the meter. Once again, the clean vocals provide a soothing element to the chaos.

“Cosmic Limbs” begins just a bit slower, but just as intense. Some lead guitar notes lead the charge here, and once again, the meter shifting is very dexterous. The raging sound stops to breathe for just a spell around the half-way mark. The ending is surprisingly melodic and touching. “Serenica” is a short, three-minutes of beauty and serenity, but with ominous tones in the background lurking. It has an Eastern feeling to it…with charming bells/notes that are accented along the way. “Sage in Yearning” is six minutes of more intense rage. But, the intensity is coupled with Symphonic elements that bring a certain beauty to the stage as well. This might be my favorite on the album.

“God’s Throat” is the closer, at close to ten minutes in length. It opens with that raging fast chaos that doesn’t die down. Towards the end, a melody line develops, and then it drops to a quiet, harrowing ending. Overall, this was a masterfully done solo project, that goes beyond rage and intensity. But, there are also very touching moments which I appreciate, and enough Symphonic elements to cut through some of that rage and provide an outlet for release. Alexanders’s talents are incredible, and so is his sense of timing…near perfect. Any fans of Extreme Metal will surely find this to their liking.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Shadow Burn
2. Mother
3. Soul Bursting
4. Streaks
5. Cosmic Limbs
6. Serenica
7. Sage in Yearning
8. God’s Throat
Alexander Haddad – All Music, Vocals, and Drum Programming
Brody Smith – Drum Programming
Record Label: Independent


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