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Destinity - XI Reasons To See

XI Reasons To See
by Mike Novak at 20 February 2010, 4:02 PM

Back when I was the music director at my university’s radio station a few years back, it seemed like every other Heavy Metal release was of a genre called "Deathrash." Despite the potential inherent in a band that claims to mix Death Metal and Thrash together, these bands where universally terrible. They weren’t much more than a slightly heavier version of metalcore, and I’m glad that that fad has died out, even though it has been replaced by the equally awful "Deathcore." Anyhow, DESTINITY plays music that could be categorized as "Death/Thrash" but is far better than any "Deathrash" bands put out, to be sure.

DESTINITY was formed in 1996, in France of all places. They have consistently been releasing albums ever since their first in 1999. While they originally played Black Metal, they evolved to a more symphonic sound before settling on their current death/thrash style.
Their sound is firmly rooted in the Scandinavian thrash and early death metal bands of the late 80’s/early 90’s, along with some slightly more modern bands like KATAKLYSM having an influence as well. This mixture could easily be botched by many bands, so it is a credit to the songwriters of DESTINITY that this album is so enjoyable.

The transition between the intro, "Just Before…" and the first real song, "A Dead Silence" is killer and really gets the blood flowing. Things do not let up in the following song, "When They Stand Still", which is another favorite. I even found myself liking the more mid-paced "To Touch The Ground". Despite the use of triggered drums, I found the performance of Morteus to be notable. There are a few guitar solos sprinkled throughout the album, and while they weren’t terrible, I felt myself wishing that they had more of an impact.

The biggest negative about this album is that the chosen style leaves very little room for innovation. While I generally enjoyed the album, there was nothing outstanding on there…nothing that took my breath away. The only real surprise here was that I appreciating an album of this type, haha.
DESTINITY has written an album that succeeds purely because of strong songwriting; no gimmicks to be found here. If this band can continue to improve, I look forward to future material as well.

3 Star Rating

  1. Just Before…
  2. A Dead Silence
  3. When They Stand Still
  4. To Touch The Ground
  5. Your Demonic Defense
  6. In Sorrow
  7. Rule Of The Rope
  8. Silent Warfare
  9. Negative Eyes Control
  10. Self Lies Addiction
  11. Got Smile Sticking
Zephiros - Guitars
Ponce - Guitars
Morteus - Drums, Clean Vocals
David - Bass
Mick – Vocals
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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