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Destrage – So Much, Too Much Award winner

So Much, Too Much
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 20 September 2022, 7:11 AM

DESTRAGE is a Progressive Metalcore band formed in Italy in 2002. “So Much, Too Much” is the band’s sixth full-length album, and contains twelve tracks. “A Commercial Break That Lasts Forever” is the first cut. It’s a very heavy song with some Djent qualities in the guitars. The vocals are varied and the drumming is absolutely intense. Some melody comes out, mostly in the chorus, but the song is littered with dissonance. The band plays so tight together, they couldn’t squeeze in another note. “Everything Sucks and I Think I’m a Big Part of It” features more eerie sounds mostly from the guitars. They are able to make them sound unlike anything I have heard before…from scratches to squeals, they heavily contribute to the chaotic sound. The melody in the bridge however is quite refreshing.

“Italian Boi” is full of electronic elements, strong guitar and drum work, and some really nice melodies. The spastic guitar solo is bested only by another rigid and tense rhythm section. What did these guys have for breakfast? “Private Party” features who else…the master of mayhem himself…Devin Townsend. Now here is an example of an artist who can be both totally bizarre and completely melodic at the same time. The song almost has a comic quality to it. “An Imposter” is another chaotic offering and at this point, I am wondering if the band are highly programmed robots, or people? The vocals are incensed but there is structure behind the mask. “Is It Still Today?” goes the opposite direction, with a tender and introspective song that shows that the band is capable of composing the entire meal, not just one course. There are of course some neck-breaking moments here as well.

“Vasoline” is a short song that swells with a fire-fueled riff but also with Pop sensibilities. The band really has a lot in their repertoire. This slab of straightforward Rock goes straight for your throat but is also not short on melody. “Unisex Unibrow” is one of those songs that is as frightful as a wolf, but also as harmless as a baby. How they find that balance, and find it as well as they do, is a total mystery. “Everything Sucks Less” has a SIMON & GARFUNCKEL quality to it, of all things. This band is not short on talent and their songwriting well is quite deep. This charming song is enough to stand on its own, with pretty vocal harmonies and a sense of calm serenity.

Overall, this album was as much of a surprise as it was full of every vibrant color on the palate. How have I never heard of this band before? Let’s start with their never-ending well of creativity. Did they sell their souls to Satan for just one magic drop? The album is so varied, that you never know what is coming next. Each composition is unique but retains their excitable sound. Their talent? Marvelous and stunning. On a scale from 1-10, their confidence registers as a 12. Cocky? Perhaps…but when you can play as well as these guys plays, it doesn’t really matter at all. Intense but fun, raging but delicate, this album has it all. If they sold their souls, it was worth it.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. A Commercial Break That Lasts Forever
2. Everything Sucks and I Think I'm a Big Part of It
3. Venice Has Sunk
4. Italian Boi
5. Private Party
6. Sometimes I Forget What I Was About To
7. An Imposter
8. Is It Still Today?
9. Vasoline
10. Rimashi
11. Unisex Unibrow
12. Everything Sucks Less
Federico Paulovich – Drums
Ralph Salati – Guitars
Matteo Di Gioia – Guitars
Paolo Colavolpe – Vocals
Record Label: 3DOT Recordings


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