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Deströyer 666 - Wildfire

Deströyer 666
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 18 June 2016, 10:22 PM

Great number of Metal bands really has guts to follow the old ways into Metal. But the number of them that are really doing something that we can take seriously is small, because the cloning process is really hard to stay away. Some bands always forget that to be in Metal scene is to have a personality. The stronger it is, the better will be your work, in any way you chose.

And under the banner of Black/Thrash Metal, the quartet DESTRÖYER 666, from Melbourne, Australia (that now is living on London) comes with their new album, their fifth attack, called "Wildfire".

So, what the fans can expect?

Taking out all the mentality that permeates Old School Metal scene nowadays, their work is really good, on the same way of bands like GEHENNAH. It's raw, heavy and fast, but what sometimes Big Daddy here calls "moldy sensation" is present in many moments, as well as they do not try to be extremely technical (it's not the band interest to sound in such way). Using as the foundations of their musical work the earlier Thrash Metal from bands as DESTRUCTION and SODOM, it can be a bit boring for those who seek something new and fresh, but it has lots of energy.

Mersus and Laurent Teubl did the work on mixing and mastering (as well as they made the supervision of the recording sessions). As I told above, sometimes the smell of moldy is evident, but the whole sonority is not bad. It's raw and really aggressive, but with a conception of clearness that is necessary for their music exists.

The abrasive "Live and Burn" with its very good guitars and fast tempos, the harsh and very good riffs of the instrumental "Artiglio del Diavolo" (along with very good work from bass and drums), the raw energy of "Hounds at Ya Back" (with some tempos that aren't fast and very good vocals) and "Deathblow" (with some good riffs and solos, and where the influence of CELTIC FROST is clear on some moments), the savage and nasty "Wildfire" (again the guitars are playing great riffs and solos on this hardcorized song), and the slow nightmare of "Tamam Shud" (with some clean and tender moments) are their best moments.

They are really good, and can do better than we hear on the album. But if you're a fan from DESTRÖYER 666, "Wildfire" will not disappoint you.

Originality: 6
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Traitor
2. Live and Burn
3. Artiglio del Diavolo
4. Hounds at Ya Back
5. Deathblow
6. Hymn to Dionysus
7. Wildfire
8. White Line Fever
9. Die You Fucking Pig!
10. Tamam Shud
KK - Vocals, Guitars
Ro - Guitars
Felipe - Bass, Vocals
Perra - Drums
Record Label: Seasons of Mist


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