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Destruction - Diabolical Award winner

by Craig Rider at 10 May 2022, 2:46 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: DESTRUCTION, signed via Napalm Records, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Thrash Metal, on their 17th studio full-length album entitled: "Diabolical" (released April 8th, 2022). Since formation in 1983; (as KNIGHT OF DEMON in 1982 until 1983) the quartet in question have 17 studio albums in their discography so far, among 2 demos, 5 EPs, 6 Compilations, 6 Live Albums, 2 Boxed Sets, 8 Splits, 1 Split Video, and 17 full length studio albums in their discography so far. Part of the Big Teutonic 4 of German Thrash Metal, alongside headliners KREATOR, SODOM & TANKARD, DESTRUCTION are among the masses unleashing an extreme catalogue of diabolical Thrash Metal mayhem. Their last recent release "Live Attack" was an absolute rager, and a once in a lifetime event during the Covid-19 pandemic, where the band would play live via online streaming - it was a unique spectacle without an audience. And now the time has come for "Diabolical", with a brand new lineup where Schmier is the only founding, original member. 13 tracks ranging around 47:22; DESTRUCTION arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Thrash Metal developments.

Opening up with this drum chiselling marching; this light acoustic ritual within the introductory chanter: "Under The Spell" begins the record with majestic mesmerisements; until the titular track roars with this sonically seamless remedy that thunders with steamrolling trailblazing, frolicking into a blistering barrage frenzy on some thudding sturdiness & rollicking grooves, impulsing impactfully with wildly rushing tonality. Newcomers swing their axes into a ripping maelstrom of twinning technicalities; swerving with soaring shreds, as consisting grinds from guitarists Damir & Furia dexterously shred their weapons of mass destruction into a dynamic chug of rampantly rompy synergy. A catchy potency vibrantly rumbles with reverberating meatiness within "No Faith In Humanity", as amplified adrenaline and crunchy meltdowns slay with punchy weight & tight solidity.

Showcasing dense galloping amongst a chugging flamboyance in belting clobbering & rambunctiously piledriving stompiness, Randy slams the set with steely precision while battering his drums with mighty persistence where sulphurous yet volatile smacks stampede with rampaging stability – profound with the mad butcher himself: Schimier who thumps his axe with trembling flickers & an infectiously bulldozing injection of venomously monolithic tempo amongst a crunchy rift to boot. His chords yell with shouty raspiness, surging with throaty bellows and barking authority. "Diabolical" is a bombing berserker; full of progressive swerves, vivacious patterns of swerving savagery that will make you want to break chairs over other chairs in no time. "Repent Your Sins" is a memorable one; as chunky songwriting momentum unravels with monsterous melody, organic substance & rapidly swift nimbleness that ramifies with snappy yet zealous fabrications in riveting riffs of skyrocketing gnarliness as ruthless pandemonium revels with riveting results.

"Hope Dies Last" has an incredibly gritty stridency to it, as concrete rhythms strife with profusely robust riffage & berserking artillery, fuelling a hefty grandeur on progressively technical mobilities that synergises with malicious but groove-bomb barbarism. Drilling into eardrums with vehement utilisations on versatile stability - where nothing but a ferociously unbridled vigour rigorously trembles speakers with motoring strife. “The Last Of A Dying Breed” unearths tremoring tenors of thrashing density, as energetic rhythms rumble with reverberating flexibility among a flexible conundrum in spectral waves of radically wicked mayhem – contorting a fluidly polished sound production & speedy songwriting musicianship that unleashes gnarly domination for souls to trample to. One of the other singles “State Of Apathy” comes next, where memorable magnitudes of fierce firepower expertise implodes impactfully with relentless furore and a persistent perseverance of prodigious yet menacing blitzkrieg. The mad butcher indeed loves to scream & yell like a madman, doesn’t he?

Tormented Souls” casts a complex craftsmanship element in implementing a borderline foundation on vicious strikes that pursuit with harmonic hostility, creating a hybrid experimentation on stampeding wrath and demolishing aggression where nothing but extreme tonalities pump out piercing revs that fires among all cylinders as all guns blazing tactically pulverises souls with pounding bruises amongst a crushing fabrication on massive beatdowns for good measure. “Servant Of The Beast” continues to revolve around a captivating but appealing grandeur on rumbustious exuberance, as alarming rowdiness whumps out with perpetual chaos and avant-garde agility. Until “The Lonely Wolf” shares this unorthodox procedure on salubriously solid slabbiness, where melodic but cutting edge eccentricness surges with state of the art listening that onslaughts you with maniacal retribution and diabolical hysteria that showcases rampaging expertise for good measure to boot.

Ghost From The Past” intensifies into a groundbreaking ability in attributing a flamboyant attention to overwhelming malignancy, where quintessential virtuosity unravels with significant portrayals on magnificent solo patterns & subjugating tyranny. Until the “Whorefication” of the penultimate track that slams those women who go against the man who needs that insatiable lust but never receives it but does everything good in their respect, it’s a flattening bludgeoner in which tears down all who oppose them. Until the overall concluding banger “City Baby Attack By Rats” (a G.B.H. cover) distinctively distinguishes a thrashing punk rock aesthetic embedded which never ceases in amazing me the more I jam this record.

Bottom line; while I’m a huge fan of the records starting from “Thrash Anthems”; while more so starting from “Under Attack” until now, I find that this new lineup has a refreshing strength of charismatic enthusiasm to it, it’s a thrust that’s needed when those that don’t deliver a consistent collaboration or push towards your characteristic as desired - you then need to find a new posture of members to fulfil intentions of Thrash Metal mastery. And “Diabolical” for sure offers an enjoyably entertaining experience for those looking for a heated discovery, DESTRUCTION gets better surely with every album they put out & this record is for sure no exception. I think this subgenre of metal has a brilliant future looking ahead, worthy of spinning & replaying a good bunch of times - do check it out.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Under The Spell
2. Diabolical
3. No Faith In Humanity
4. Repent Your Sins
5. Hope Dies Last
6. The Last Of A Dying Breed
7. State Of Apathy
8. Tormented Soul
9. Servant Of The Beast
10. The Lonely Wolf
11. Ghost From The Past
12. Whorefication
13. City Baby Attacked By Rats
Schmier - Vocals/Bass
Damir - Guitars
Furia - Guitars
Randy - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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