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Destruction - Live Attack Award winner

Live Attack
by Craig Rider at 05 September 2021, 3:56 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: DESTRUCTION; signed via Napalm Records, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Thrash Metal, on their 7th Live Album entitled: “Live Attack” (released August 13th, 2021).

Since formation in 1982 originally formed as KNIGHT OF DEMON; 1983 renamed themselves the aptly titled: DESTRUCTION, which soon after are crowned amongst the Big Teutonic 4 of German Thrash Metal under thrash titans KREATOR, SODOM & TANKARD - DESTRUCTION deliver an illustrious career of face-melting Thrash Metal demolition in which will motivate you to unleash your possessed & satanic warfare indefinitely. The band have a mighty milestone of records under their belt including 2 Demos; 4 EPS, 6 Compilations; 3 Boxed Sets, 7 Live Albums; 8 Splits, 15 Studio Albums & 2 Singles in their discography so far.

Having been a huge fan of DESTRUCTION for a very long time now; I can certify to you that this is a band of brutal divinity, blasphemy & total pandemonium. Ever since the record “Under Attack" which has steadily become one of my favourites from the band, the band have just gotten incredibly better at what they do and they have been doing it for 3 decades now which is quite the feat for Thrash Metal! Even albums like “Spiritual Genocide”; “Thrash Anthems”, and “The Antichrist” had grown on me heavily - making them one of my favourites of the Big Teutonic 4 easily. “Thrash Anthems II” also hits the spot for me when down the gym, and their recent Full-Length - “Born To Perish'' which is just an absolute rager of which I highly recommend… on top of their 2 Live belters “Born To Thrash (Live In Germany)” which helped tide us over during the Covid-19 pandemic until this behemoth “Live Attack” unveils to the world for a once in a lifetime Live Stream event which I streamed personally on Friday, January 1st, 2021 (a great start to the new metal year, and a great birthday present for me! (January 2nd!).

Right, let’s get to business. “Live Attack” offers 2 discs of old school bangers, as well as new school thrashers to rock out to - ranging at around 01:53:33… this had been an utmost anticipated release for me ever since I raged to the Live Stream event back in January, and it and it was an important spectacle for the music business for sure as well as an entertaining bruiser. DESTRUCTION arranges an intricately designed formula of some neck-breaking Thrash Metal developments which most surely could contend for an Live Album of the year contender… (still awaiting for my utmost suspense for K.K.’S PRIEST, however.)

Opening up with a track from their newest record: “Born To Perish”; DESTRUCTION unleashes total devastation with new material that I personally have been craving to hear Live since the stream began, within the “Born To Thrash” Live Digital Album, and the Studio Album itself. It’s the best way to start a new Live spectacle, and “Born To Perish” belts eardrums with blistering adrenaline right off the bat - as groovy clobberings bruises your soul with triggering calamity amongst a boisterously bouncy rift on tight punchiness while slaying grinds amplify with sonically seamless riffage tenfold. This isn’t Live in the Studio but Live at the Z7 in Switzerland which is stated as their favourite venue, no crowd – just camera crew and organisers. Thrashing into 2021 while the Covid-19 pandemic was hot, turning the planet into a toxic holocaust of which the band in question couldn’t stand to sit around  like books upon a shelf… taking things into their own matter, this banging event gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give fans something original and distinguished that would never have been conducted before.

With that said; let’s get into the meat of it all, the marching drums smack with volatile precision and domination impact…while consisting of frontman Schimer who needs no introduction - showcases raspy throatiness within those possessed pipes of satanic snarl & shouty rage. While also injecting an infectiously venomous slab of solid bass audibility, as he thumps the axe into a barrage frenzy of flickering gnarliness & distorted grit to boot. “Death Trap” is one of the many rarities within this collection of thrashing gems that barely gets played, a really catchy throttler that chugs with rampantly rompy remedy and chiselling firepower expertise that trailblazes with speedy yet sulfurous substance where organic pandemonium ruthlessly frolics with galloping choppiness.

Speaking of songwriting memorability; “Nailed To The Cross” pummels you with killer laceration stability, synergistically rumbling with reverberating swiftness & rapidly nimble guitar attacks from newcomer Martin Furia giving these old songs some new yet riveting ramifications on striking pursuits profusely with robust weight. Where monolithic tempos supply primitively raw dynamics, dextrous heat and distinctive crunchiness that will make you want to break chairs over other chairs in no time. “Armageddonizer” chops with nothing but brutally concrete chunkiness, as intense thuds outbursts with sturdy riffage and bludgeoning haste attributes at a fierce execution on rambunctiously pile driving batterings who stomps and hammers his set with steely precision from another newcomer known as Randy Black - who stomps with monstrously ponderous smacks and drum cymbal chaos.

Tormentor” manifests with towering but berserking agility; fabricating stampeding rampages from everyone as they roll their weapons with destructive force, imploding stridently with wildly rushing sharpness & razor ripping treads that pulsate with piercing mobility while another new banger "Rotten" gets my attention with yet steamrolling malice on barbaric domination - singing of the corrupt greed by those scummy politricks we face on a daily basis - "I am more even than Satan, 'Cause I'm a selfish prick" bellows Schimer, and then rattling mayhem articulates at an extreme dose on monstrous savagery. We then move on to the two single tracks "Mad Butcher'' & "Reject Emotions''; the latter having not been played for 30+ years since them being a 4-piece, now a 4-piece again - it's a perfect time to play this…frisky belter, being surprised with the lyrics in this one - this is now one of my favourite songs by the band…resonating with it heavily! It's deadly, emotional and horny at the same time! Romantic.

"Thrash Till Death" is in the title… total riffage and ferocious velocity that viciously shudders with quaking maelstrom anarchy - a bashful premise on prominent thrash metal madness. While returning to the modern thrasher with "Betrayal", this one really gets the blood pumping…piercing through you with groundbreaking blitzkrieg. Everytime I get to a "Born To Perish" track, that's me motivated with no remorse for sure - some of the best scorchers to please any DESTRUCTION fan with no doubt in my mind. "Sign Of Fear" is a malignant virulence on unrelenting malevolence, deathly but hostile & fierce at the same time. We then advance towards a tearing shred solo from final newcomer Damir Eskić, which is a perfect time to show off the new ripper's prowess in skill which undoubtedly brings flesh blood to the fray with refreshing profanity.

Ah, brilliant. One of my favourites off the "Born To Perish" record comes into play next: "Inspired By Death", a sonically seamless smasher with crushing foundations in borderline horsepower and blasphemous contortion - as catchy but bruising heft forges a chunky boundary on massive revs & punchline smears that will beat you down with breakneck empowerments delightfully.

With Disc 1 finished, Disc 2 divulges in more obscure bangers such as my personal favourite "Under Attack" which I was incredibly happy with to finally hear live…before I would have only heard of the mighty "Dethroned" off of the "Under Attack" record yet to hear this was refreshing & relentlessly splendid to witness. I remember in the stream's group chat requesting this one… I do wonder if they listened to me! However, this one has been my raging favourite since that record was released back in 2016 if I needed a fastened boost of strength & stamina… oh boy would this one get replayed diligently without hesitation. "Curse The Gods" is an instant classic with that symbolic chorus section, crushing havoc & bulldozing charge of immense annihilation for all eardrums to breaknecks to.

Another old school banger is "Bestial Invasion", an inhumane trounce of demoncy and grumbling licks that are the heaviest of its kind while remaining sinisterly devilish to boot. Technical riffage rattles with mighty transparency while fueling an arbitrary amount of towering onslaught which tears with sulfurous profanity absolutely. Elsewhere; "Antichrist" examines evil empowering banishments of tormenting yet marching grips, generating a gravitational hook on devilish mechanics that will thread into your soul with smothering monarchy. While "Invincible Force" degenerates your system with visceral synthetics, where a black-hearted display of vulgar oppression mounts with utmost desecration - one of the rarities that you need to hear from back in the day.

"The Butcher Strikes Back" rips & tears with radically wicked yet tenacious revengeance; where extreme aggression bulldozes you with intense combustion, complex leads & bludgeoning synergy. While fan-favourite bangers like "Release From Agony" & "Live Without Sense" salubriously chops bashfully with coruscating rush, while progressively chompy celerity scatters the ground with rugged sinew. The latter bolts out prodigiously prestigious jolts that revel with quaking melody, materialized with meteoric steadiness. Overall concluding this expeditious clap on high-speed possession with "Total Desaster"; I am compelled to say that this live recording was most certainly worth the wait after a whole year of hoping for a physical release which helped kickstart the music business eloquently, professionally & entertainingly – what a review & what a rager with no doubt in my mind.

To my surprise; DESTRUCTION have this under their belt, as well as a totally new single entitled: "State Of Apathy" which really took me by shock as we fans of this band are just so spoiled with releases recently which is just splendid & welcome, we as Metal maniacs have it so good still with gigs/festivals and amongst a thrilling lineup of upcoming CD releases to enjoy - this one just sparks up an enjoyably banging groove-bomb that rewards you with a surge of tactical nuclear warfare for you to seethe with outbursting thrill.

Bottom line; DESTRUCTION are alive and well, they seem to have no intention of slowing down for the devil and good on them, we need this kind of music to get us pushing with incite clarity - a masterpiece that must be checked out right now! What a discovery and a good starting point for newcomers too. Do give it a bash!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

Disc 1:
1. Born To Perish
2. Death Trap
3. Nailed To The Cross
4. Armageddonizer
5. Tormentor
6. Rotten
7. Mad Butcher
8. Reject Emotions
9. Thrash Till Death
10. Betrayal
11. Sign Of Fear
12. Damir’s Shred
13. Inspired By Death
Disc 2:
1. Release From Agony
2. Live Without Sense
3. Antichrist
4. Invincible Force
5. Under Attack
6. Bestial Invasion
7. The Butcher Strikes Back
8. Curse The Gods
9. Total Desaster
Schimer - Bass/Vocals
Randy Black - Drums
Damir Eskić - Guitar
Martin Furia - Guitars
Record Label: Napalm Records


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