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Dethonator - Race Against The Sun Award winner

Race Against The Sun
by Kevin Burke at 10 March 2019, 2:59 PM

DETHONATOR release their latest raw attack of sublime guitar-cranking joy.  Not just a long-player-“Race Against The Sun” is a testimonial, a screaming dip into the proof of the longevity of metal music.  We as Metal fans and purists hinge at times too much on the past, DETHONATOR prove that we do not have to, their influences are the same as ours and faithfully they are taking everything that was great about NWOBHM and throwing head first into the twenty first century.

DETHONATOR have put the hours into this release and it shows, three years by all accounts were spent on the writing and recording process of “Race Against The Sun”, and it shows.  The long nights toiling in the studio have really come to fruition, from the outset and the seriously cool titled -“When Lucifer Fell”,  the album explodes. To describe the album is the equivalent of taking a walk and unexpectedly being hit by an avalanche, in this case an avalanche of skillfully played sounds, addictive and infectious while deliciously demonic.

As the tracks tumble out, “Nightmare City” and “Burial Ground” are a purists wet dream, roaring along with precision.  The vocalist Tris Lineker is under savage pressure, but the passion and screams ignite through every twist and turn of “Race Against The Sun”.  Standouts such as “Ulflag” and the apocalyptic growls of “Narcisside” are built to blow minds.  At times DETHONATOR teeter on the ground between progressive musings and balls out metal, though at its core “Race Against The Sun” is a concept album of sorts.

To get too bogged down in talk of concepts however is not necessary, story lines and themes are second to the overall sound.  Although reportedly it is steeped in those themes of horror, logically enough as it brings out the best of metal bands,  when they strike fear into listeners and at the same time twisted joy.  Bad points are near impossible to pinpoint here, the perfection in every guitar-cranking brush stroke is evident , injecting strong melodies, savage hooks and the ability to reel listeners in has been nailed here. Overall, DETHONATOR have delivered a stunning work, the ten tracks are not only great but at times they travel into the zone of brilliance.  What is important to note is “Race Against The Sun” is only part-one, shown on the B-movie style cover, so the biggest question is when can we expect part-two? Regardless for the meantime we can revel in this super collection that points back and forward at the same time.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 7
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. When Lucifer Fell
2. Nightmare City
3. Burial Ground
4. Ulflag
5. Ghost of the Rolling Horizon
6. Pyroclastic
7. The Hangman
8. Narcisside
9. Terror By Night
10. Sharp’s Cairn
Tris Lineker - Vocals, Guitars
Henry Brooks - Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Adz Lineker - Bass, Growls
Johnny Mo Armstrong - Drums
Record Label: Pavement Entertainment


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