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Detritivor - Scattered Remains

Scattered Remains
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 10 June 2021, 12:46 PM

In the past 10 years, many bands from Indonesia are releasing albums, some preferring to use melodic Metal genres, others choosing the extreme ways. But some bands still seem so naïve, what means that they lack maturity. There’s not something wrong with that, but they need to evolve and mature a bit more to be in the right point. One of them is DETRITIVOR, from Yogyakarta, as can be heard on their first full length, “Scattered Remains”.

The band plays a traditional form of Death Metal influenced by the giants of the genre as CANNIBAL CORPSE, SINISTER, MORBID ANGEL and others in this way. But their music, although shows potential and an aggressive energy, still needs to evolve a bit more. They’re pretty good and have talent, but they still need to put more of themselves out in the form of music, because they’re still reminding me of other bands. It’s aggressive and full of energy, but can be better than what they’re showing on the album. The sound quality means that the band used an Old School approach on their production. But in this way, even being clean and defined, it has some weak points (the sound volume is low) that must be corrected in the future. For now, as a first release, is good.

Musically, they have a great potential to be a driving force on Death Metal on the East in the future, just adjusting things. For now, songs as “Morbid Sanity” (a fast and brutal song with nasty guitars and good grunts), “Dead in Cruelty” (another brutal and fast attack, with good rhythmic changes), “Innocent Blood” (this one shows bitter slow tempos that are very good, with a good work from the vocals), “Hateful Incision” (another massive blow with nasty guitars), and “Stained Inflicted” is proof of a potential that must be worked for the future.

As a first album, “Scattered Remains” passes in the test. But with such musical potential, DETRITITOR needs to sharp their skills, because they can be great.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Prelude of Abhorrence
2. Morbid Sanity
3. Dead in Cruelty
4. Innocent Blood
5. Slicing Victim
6. Hateful Incision
7. Eternity
8. Bleed and Butchered
9. Stained Inflicted
Agung - Vocals
Dimex - Guitars
Ecky - Guitars
Aryo - Drums
Record Label: Brutal Mind Records


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