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Deus Ignotus - Worship The Fall Of Man (CD)

Deus Ignotus
Worship The Fall Of Man
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 29 May 2008, 2:18 PM

I came across DEUS IGNOTUS not so much time ago when I was browsing through Myspace for some Greek Black Metal bands. The band must be pretty fresh since I had never heard of them in the past and I am always close to the underground Black Metal scene my country has. So, the duet sent us their demo for a review and you know that I never say no to underground Black Metal releases.

It seems that I was right about this band, since they were formed in 2007. There are no much information about them since the only thing they write as a biography in their Myspace page is that they were formed in 2007 in order to play Black Metal exclusively.

Musically, the band is based on raw, monotonous Black Metal with a sometimes tiring repetition of Reshep's riffing. The fact is that DEUS IGNOTUS had something strange that I rarely see in a band. They have really good compositions that feature a nice structure but they have neither something special that can amaze the listener and attract his attention, nor Black Metal's unique atmosphere that makes you feel the darkness upon you.

DEUS IGNOTUS may be a band with well worked songs, but they must try to present something more passionate in the future. Worship The Fall Of Man is a release that offers nice tracks with a sound that lacks of the necessary heaviness and vocals that should be developed a bit, since the distortion is not something that fits Black Metal singers.

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Carved Havoc (Intro)
Suicide Accomplishment
Worship The Fall Of Man
Charred Thought Lytrosis
Mysticism In The Cave Of Pan (Outro)
Reshep - Vocals, Guitar
Xolferoth - Drums
Spoonman - Vocals (Guest)
Record Label: Self Released


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