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Devastator - Baptised In Blasphemy Award winner

Baptised In Blasphemy
by Craig Rider at 07 August 2020, 10:54 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: DEVASTATOR; signed via Clobber Records, hailing from England - performing Black/Thrash Metal, on their debut album entitled "Baptised In Blasphemy" (released July 10th, 2020).

Since formation in 2017; the quartet in question have a Demo entitled: "Devastator" (released September 4th, 2018), a Live Album entitled: "Darkness Over Derby - Live In Derby Bootleg (2017-2019)" (released November 30th, 2019). A Single entitled: "Worship The Goat" (released April 5th, 2020), and this here debut album that I am introduced to (well that's a lie, as the band JACKAL's BACKBONE introduced me to them first (shoutout to you!) entitled: "Baptised In Blasphemy". 7 tracks ranging at around 25:15; DEVASTATOR arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Black/Thrash Metal amalgamations.

Opening up with the incredibly catchy groove-bomb cruncher that is "Howling The Night"; DEVASTATOR unleash this rhythmic onslaught of riveting thunder, barraging a frantic, chunk attack of some frenzied adrenaline & amplified bounciness. Chiselling a surging; rattling riff that will make you hum in a boisterous synergy of speedy reverberation, rumbling into a rawly rough maelstrom of monsterously primitive manifestations while skyrocketing with meticulously trailblazing savagery…ultilizing vehemently sonic seamlessness with this wildly rushing sharpness of razor-splitting, neck-breaking punchiness. This record is literally 25 minutes of intense, high-octane weight. Arming a brimming arsenal of zestfully salubrious ramifications that will trigger this meaty shred of air guitar havoc!

Consisting of Thomas Collings on the audible bass guitar/lead vocals; the frontman excels at an infectious dose of some venomous tribulations, thrashing with profusely robust strums that come across as machinery. Pummelling into a piledriving mass of gnarly grit; attributing an eccentric craftsmanship ability that will revel you to transform into an evolving, stampeding rocker - unleashing this inner, berserking demon within you. The vocals showcase raspy throatiness; tight aggression fuelling deep, guttural growls that roar with ruthless shoutiness.

Unearthing this other-worldly pandemonium with the deadly injection entitled: "Worship The Goat" which undoubtably elements a blasphemously bombarding influence from TOXIC HOLOCAUST mastermind Joel Grind without question; the vocals viciously shines with this satanic possession, while the quintessential virtuosity of riff overlords Richard Bateman (on lead/rhythm guitar) & Christopher Whitehurst (on rhythm) both dextrously chug into a dynamic aesthetic of hardened chaos that will make you want to break chair over other chairs in no time. This crazy but organically solid substance of rapidly swift nimbleness, volatile snappiness & potently vibrant patterns rift this tempestuously storming rampage that just grinds into a hybrid dimension of monolithic tempos with relentlessly polished distortion…fluidly frolicking into a galloping romp of rebellious armageddon.

"Hail Death" opens up with this blackened atmosphere; charging up with thrashy tendencies, overarching oozing mayhem that merges these two sub-genres with utmost ease. Embellishing in an experimental flow of psychotic; bestial intensity as everyone brilliantly hastens with this sulphurous slab of jumpy, killer lacerations that incredibly distil a bulldozing firepower ensemble from battering drummer Jack Scarlett. Slamming with rambunctiously pounding might, hammering finesse and fierce ferocity. Perfectly timing with roundhouse kickings as he stomps the set with steely precision, while slaying with piercing yet menacing thumps that demonstrates a gripping hook that will keep you immersed in a headbanging but demonic insanity of maddening hysteria.

"Send Them To Hell" (not to be confused with TOXIC HOLOCAUST's staple track from brusing banger of a record "Hell On Earth") is a bastardization of nuclear blasts, bombing eardrums with this short segment of smashingly rampent domination and an enriching outburst of shit-hot heat. "Death Slut" is a towering snarl of demented panache, slithered with outrè scatterings that pursuit this obsessive tale of a filthy whore who just can't get enough of the evil empowerments that will inevitably damn her to the hellish landscape after her slimy, untimely demise.

The penultimate track: "Spiritual Warfare" is a dark embodiment of crust-punk sacrilege; ravenously quaking with more mesmerising yet melodious momentums that brutalizes bodies into an addictive groove of titanic wrath, flexing fundamental malevolence while remaining mellifluously euphonic in an animosity of ominous yet skillful resolution resulting in an unholy ritual of thickly nasty songwriting musicianship that will take over your soul as if it were this diabolical but wickedly rad and inhumanely barbaric devil about to scorch the planet with destructive and non-sensicle hate.

Hording an overall concluding finale with the epic closure of the titular track; which is a total ruination of sorts, and another smacking piece of some influential TOXIC HOLOCAUSTian drum beats that sounds like an exert from "Judgement Awaits You" from the record "Command And Conquer". As the ongoing strums take over with no remorse, and another memorable meandering that takes this phenomenal but distinctively distinguished approach from the record "Evil Never Dies". Seriously, there's a lot of prodegiously prestigious impacts here from aforementioned band that will make you want to replay this short but groundbreakingly addictive album over & over again. It's that damn good!

Bottom line; DEVASTATOR are a borderline foundation of some sturdy but true to form Black/Thrash Metal mayhem, "Baptised In Blasphemy" is an enjoyably entertaining ride that while it is short in length, it has a ton of value that makes this one a discovery that will most certainly fulfill your maniacal metal needs. A blistering album, revolving through and around a complex oscilliation of some mastery writting strength that makes me want more & more of this kind. With that said, I need to purchase this bruising belter,! A must listen!!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Howling Night 04:32
2. Worship the Goat 03:55
3. Hail Death 04:51
4. Send Them to Hell 01:28
5. Death Slut 01:43
6. Spiritual Warfare 04:20
7. Baptised in Blasphemy 04:26
Thomas Collings - Bass Guitar & Lead Vocals
Richard Bateman - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Christopher Whitehurst - Rhythm Guitars
Jack Scarlett - Drums
Record Label: Clobber Records


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