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Deviant Process – Nurture Award winner

Deviant Process
by Will Travers at 30 November 2021, 9:39 PM

Canadian quartet DEVIANT PROCESS are back with their eight track second album “Nurture”. Coming five years after their debut release, I am sure fans will be excited to see this dropping. Th artwork is interesting, and I’m wondering if it is open to interpretation. Because I’m seeing the central point as being the heart, encased in what appears to be ribs etc. But someone may look at it and think it is something else altogether. Ah, the beauty of art eh?

Opening the record is “In Worship, In Blood” and instantly there is some of the Prog intricacies, a lot of articulation through the guitars. But the real gem, is the more stripped back section, it really knocked me for six and I wasn’t really aware what was going on before being thrust straight back into the aggressive and impressive main body. “Emergence” is another display of the band’s skills with really intricate sections, complex structures and some amazing runs and breaks by guitarists Jean-Daniel and Stéphane.

The tracking continues through the album in a similar manner, sticking to these conventions that are being established as DEVIANT PROCESS’s stylings. If I’m being honest, I am finding them a little elf indulgent, but I also accept that that is what Prog can come across as, and sometimes I just need to be in the mood for it. The tracking all has some similarities, in the form of some semi chaotic / manic structures, each section containing intricate instrumentals, aggressive vocals and this overarching atmosphere of ‘hey where the fuck are we going next? Bet you can’t guess’.

“Syrtis Magna” and “Homo Homini Deus” are both examples of really good Prog tracks. But there unconventional styles displayed in them, for me almost go too far the other way and detract from my enjoyment. At times there is almost too much going on and it borders on a sensory overload as I am trying to take everything in. “The Blessings Of Annihilation Infinite” delivers a track that is somewhat of an enigma. As the final track (that isn’t a cover) it delivers that final chaotic flurry of intense and almost overbearing music, approaching the end screaming ‘you’ll never take me alive’, but at the same time, the last almost minute of the track is just an almost incoherent mess of strange notes that then wanders off into the distance whispering ‘celery’. I’m not saying I didn’t like it, I’m not saying I liked it, I’m honestly a little unsure of how to feel about this one.

Overall, its good, it is really good and please do not think that my own personal tastes are clouding my judgement, I like to try and be fair and impartial. Whilst, it may not have been for me, I can really appreciate it for what it is and why people would enjoy it. I think that DEVIANT PROCESS has produced a fantastic Prog album and I am sure it will be well received, but for me it was just a little bit out there.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. In Worship, In Blood
2. Emergence
3. Asynchronous
4. The Hammer Of Dogma
5. Syrtis Magna
6. Homo Homini Deus
7. The Blessings Of Annihilation Infinite
8. Cybervoid (Obliveon Cover)
Jean-Daniel Villeneuve – Vocals / Guitar
Stéphane Simard – Guitars / Vocals
Philippe Cimon – Bass
Michel Bélanger – Drums 
Record Label: Helldprod Records


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