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Deviate Damaen - In Sanctitate, Benignitatis Non Miseretur!

Deviate Damaen
In Sanctitate, Benignitatis Non Miseretur!
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 20 September 2019, 2:33 AM

When dealing with strange forms of Rock and Metal, one must have in mind that it can be good or not according the listeners’ musical background. Something that can sound as the worst thing on Earth to you can be the finest thing in universe for other. Bands as BLACK SABBATH suffered a lot in the hands of the musical writers (as a fine example, “Black Sabbath” had the worst words possible written by Lester Bangs on those days, the same guy who praised Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music” as the “The Greatest Album Ever Made”, besides it can’t be understood by anyone, unless those who love to think they’re superior to the human race). So to deal with “In Sanctitate, Benignitatis Non Miseretur!” of DEVIATE DAMAEN is an action that needs to have a deep and careful approach.

Their musical work is a strange and darkened form of Gothic/Industrial Metal, having some parts with Black Metal and Death Metal influences as well (besides it doesn’t mean that they’re mainly an Extreme Metal band). But there are experimental moments that make the difference, with some female vocals that uses strange contrasts of tune. Their songs are not so difficult to understand, have good arrangements, but their music could be a bit more mature in some points. But their fans will not have reasons for complains. The sound quality was created to fit on a chaotic set of musical elements. Metal, Rock, Gothic Rock, Industrial Metal/Rock and something more were put on a cauldron, so the producer had a hard time to breed something that could join such set of elements, and to keep them clear and heavy at both times. But thinks worked out in a very good way.

These Mad Italians created some good moments as can be heard on “Sacre Gesta Cavalcano Il Metallo / Heilige Taten Reiten Das Metall” (even some opera elements can be heard here),  “Santo Frà Diavolo, Spara Per Noi!” (it would not be a sin to say that Black/Death Metal elements can be heard on this nasty and aggressive song), the deeper, melancholic and Gothic “Aspetterò L’Altrove”, the sinister and aggressive ones “Font Near the Ossuary” and “Fratelli D’Occidente, Salviamo Noi Stessi Dall’Estinzione”, but there are too expandable parts due the long time using sinister parts of narratives and talks. Maybe a direct approach could be of some help on the next time.

The band is good, has potential to make things even better after some adjustments (maturing will take over of this aspect). For now, DEVIATE DAMAEN made a good album with “In Sanctitate, Benignitatis Non Miseretur!”.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

CD preorder:

4 Star Rating

1. L’Angelo Preferito, Il Primo Insorto, Il Più Antico Dannato
2. Tethrus
3. Sacre Gesta Cavalcano Il Metallo / Heilige Taten Reiten Das Metall
4. Santo Frà Diavolo, Spara Per Noi!
5. Aspetterò L’Altrove
6. I Tarocchi Della Vostra Sfiga
7. Font Near The Ossuary
8. Fratelli D’Occidente, Salviamo Noi Stessi Dall’Estinzione
9. Signore E Dio (Falce) In Te Confido
10. L’Urlo Del Cappuccino
G/Ab Svenym Volgar Honorium Roman Ustorh - Vocals
Ark - Keyboards, Computer, Guitars, Theremin
ABnormal - Guitars
Giamo G. Laerte - Vocals
D. Van Dearomantik - Bass
JJ Blackstar - Bass, Guitars, Drums (Live)
Mysticvs Ex Nigra Flamma Messor “Matt&Deviàt” - Vocals, Whistle
Record Label: Masked Dead Records


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Edited 01 June 2020

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