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Deviator - Fehu-Fohat-Fire

by Salvador Aguinaga II at 10 January 2013, 2:17 PM

A cold windy dusk with waves of deluded water crashing against the surface of rock. Atop this interactive cliff there is you, dead. Something inside of you died and you are here to mourn the past. As stricken of a cold fierce anguish of burning desire, you are reborn. Reborn for eternity until for what you seek has been done. What happens on your path is your choice alone. The instrumental, “Long Road to Salvation“, is the first song that starts the album. A prelude for a journey you are flooded with memories, memories that ignite a new beginning to resolve the pain running through your eroded heart. At least this is the imagery that popped into my head. Give your undivided and devoted attention towards “Long Road to Salvation“ as guest musician Andrey Poluektov (TIRED SPACE) performs the keyboard arrangement. See what your mind conjures as you engage in the dawning of the inception of your rebirth.

Lord Hastner has a mission with this album. He does not want to give you the answers but for you to search them out yourselves. Quoted by verbatim these are the words imprinted: “This album has a mission to elucidate the supreme human nature of the inner self as glorification of the eternal universal fire which is the driving force of the life and evolution in the whole world. The Universe is Eternal…”

"Fehu-Fohat-Fire" has really great melodies which are what makes black metal such a fantastic style of music. A genre overlooked and misinterpreted by many who claim to love metal. For those who truly appreciate it you‘ll find this to be a raging but purifying experience. You have to know the subtly of hopelessness and lone darkness. Therefore, finding beauty in darkness.

“Way of Warriors - Hymn To Immortals” was originally an instrumental but this version has lyrics, most of which are sung in a foreign language to my own and creating the illusion that it’s chanting or as the title suggests, hymns. In fact this whole album is sung in Ukrainian. An attribute you do not see in many bands. A mystery to me as why many to choose to sing in the English language. One’s own background helps create diversity and sheds a different light unto those who are willing to understand the universe as a whole.

While the album does have a steady pace it changes on the final track, “Burning Bridges Become Ashes”. It quickens like a lightning strike but at the same time falling into melodic rhythmic locations.

The only setback I had with the album is that it left me wanting to hear more. In some circumstances I’d wish It’d last a bit longer, especially on my favorite track on "Fehu-Fohat-Fire", “Eternity of Blood”. All the drumming was programmed but by far it’s the best I’ve heard in regards of synthetic drumming. Cooperation and magnificent arrangements were the key factors, the blending - it was like a black metal symphony that wasn’t there. A symphony in the desert, you see it but it really isn’t there. The organization of it all, you’ve played the events leading to this moment, it is now the final act.

4 Star Rating

1. Long Road to Salvation
2. Cost of Freedom
3. Way of Warriors - Hymn to Immortals
4. Eternity of Blood
5. My Thoughts They Have No Rest (Winter Depression cover)
6. Burning Bridges Become Ashes
Lord Hastner - Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Record Label: Kundalini Records


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