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DeVicious - Black Heart

Black Heart
by Kevin Lewis at 08 May 2022, 6:56 AM

DEVICIOUS is a melodic metal/hard rock band formed in Germany in 2016. Black Heart is their fourth full-length album and was released on April 14, 2022, via Pride & Joy Records. Fusing heavy, melodic guitar work with intricate keyboard phrasing and killer rhythms, they create a cool blend of hard and heavy. The liberal use of layered and backing vocals rounds out the sound, giving them a broader sound by adding depth to the lyrical themes.

The album opens with “Afterlife,” a guitar driven song that has some background keys that play off the heaviness of the riff pretty well. The tempo shift into the pre-chorus is good, giving the song more depth. The riff is catchy and the vocal ranges are quite nice. DEVICIOUS took a little time and made this song sound better by adding bits of flair and texture to the composition.

A Special Mind” starts with a dark keyboard intro and continues with a heavy riff. The lighter fills and lead work scattered throughout the intro add some pretty nice texture. The vocals go gritty on this track, giving it a rougher feel. The keys go lighter after the intro, offsetting the guitar riff nicely. The tempo shifts are almost to the level of a progressive metal styling. All of this makes the song a bit more epic and gives it more broad appeal.

Many of the songs have a short intro. One of the better ones is on “Welcome To The Night.” That bass and drum lead section are well done and have a killer futuristic feel to them. They introduce the guitar and keyboard riffs with a bit of rhythmic excellence. This is a favorite on the disc for me. The whole song is just catchy as hell and goes full-on earworm quickly.

After Midnight” has more of the futuristic feel, but somehow manages to harken back a bit to 80s horror/shock rock tones. The vocals, especially the high-pitched sections, remind me of Rob Halford and Lizzy Borden back in the day. This is not to say they sound alike, just have a similar feel to the notes they hit. Some of these are pretty damn spectacular. Spine-tingling even.

The record wraps on “Miles Away,” another guitar driven song. The riff is really nice and the keys accentuate the riff really well. Again, the rhythm is solid. In case I have not made it clear enough, the bass and drums are very good on this album. They power this disc beautifully, never hiding in the background, rather standing tall beside the epic riffs.

DEVICIOUS is a bit of a throwback while being totally modern. Add to this the fact they created a comic book based on the band members during the pandemic and you have a well done, massive project that has the potential to reach an entirely new audience. The future looks good for this five-piece band who are only just beginning their path to world dominance.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Afterlife
2. Heroines
3. A Special Mind
4. Liar
5. Black Heart
6. Not What It Seems
7. Welcome The Night
8. After Midnight
9. Falling
10. Miles Away
Antonio Calanna – Vocals
Alex Frey – Bass
Fabian Fagerberg – Drums
Radivoj Petrovic – Lead Guitar
Denis Kunz – Keyboards
Record Label: Pride & Joy Music


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Edited 19 May 2022

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