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Devil Cross - This Mortal Coil Award winner

Devil Cross
This Mortal Coil
by Joganegar at 16 January 2022, 1:22 PM

A time capsule couldn’t provide a more faithful account than this, the first full length studio album by DEVIL CROSS, of how classic Heavy Metal was actually played in its early and consequently its golden age. A lengthy, heartful and incommensurable effort that does not only deliver 40 minutes of outstanding tunes, but something extremely rare in nowadays musical products, and just like Billy Joel has taught us over the decades the ever-lonely word and one of the most valuable yet most scarce values proclaimed by humanity: Honesty.

Since the first minute of the first track, the felling of looking at this musical product and the very essence of its origin straight into the eyes, with no filters, no commercial pressure, and probably no media support allows all Metal enthusiasts to enjoy “This Mortal Coil” without any prejudice, lack of trust or suspicion, thus enabling the mind and the soul to roam free with nothing but your bastard sword, your spell scroll, your book or lore, your grappling hook and your magic staff, depending if you are a warrior or a wizard.

“Warrior Deep Inside” enables you to fulfill your destiny and find your identity as you are involved in a quest to find that courage which you know, as the title of this outstanding follow up to the opening track utters. Both the guitar riffs and the lyrics could very well be employed as an anthem to find the promised land while slaying dragons, saving damsels in distress and summoning elementals in order to find the glory and fame which only very few are worthy of specially in a world deprived of magic and full of mirages that have no other purpose but consumerism.

DEVIL CROSS delivers without a doubt, a praise worthy debut album which in time, I hope, will endow this band to evolve and abide the birth of a very prominent musical career, specially within the confines of those elements which only a magical realm such as the one in which this Canadian-American originated band will surely thrive and primarily allow this musicians and professional artist to get a good night sleep knowing they are making the musical world a better and more genuine place regardless of commercial success, which is a lot more than what I can say about today’s top charting artists.

If I could have any complaints about this album, maybe, just maybe, I could ask for a few vocal contrasts by the main singer, but then again it is hard yet not impossible to attain perfection with your opera prima, so for the time being, I will settle with an almost perfect grade for this debut album by DEVIL CROSS.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Shattered Hopes
2. Warrior Deep Inside
3. Dark Spirits
4. Crush Kill
5. Devastation
6. She’s Got the Mark
7. Burn the Witch
8. Slayer of Dragons
9. This Mortal Coil
10. Dig your Own Grave
11. Shattered Illusions (Détente Cover)
Jo Steel- Vocals and Bass
Brenann Whitworth- Guitar
Trevor William Church -Drums

Record Label: Fighter Records


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