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Devil's Bargain - Visions

Devil's Bargain
by Kevin Lewis at 23 June 2020, 5:08 PM

DEVIL’S BARGAIN is a band formed in 2013 in Belgium. After experimenting with a writing for a single guitar, they decided to rewrite for dual guitar like many of their influences used. Following in the footsteps of NWOBHM and German Power Metal giants like IRON MAIDEN, HELLOWEEN and ACCEPT, this new five-piece construction set to taking on their local area and expanding throughout Europe. The band released the appropriately named “Deal With The Devil” in 2018 and now return with a new guitarist and vocalist with “Visions”, a self-released seven-song beast with a message for the masses.

Starting this tale with “Sewer Rats”, we hear the tale of a woman who is burned at the stake for having visions. Though this song is dealing with more of a future event, it could be about history. Those with “the sight” are often persecuted and prosecuted in ways similar to this. The next two songs tell of the two sides of the fight for a lost cause: fight until you realize all hope is lost or fight until the end despite hope being lost. “Endless Fight” and “No Return” are truly the question all heroes face on their epic quest. “Devil’s Bargain” shifts the focus to the concept. Is it over, can it go on?

In a thought typical of what happens when relationships end or a disagreement occurs, “Sign Of The Times” is about placing blame and pointing fingers. And while those fingers are being pointed at anyone with an opposing view, “Your Disposal” leads to the fact that no one wins in those situations and the aftermath is apocalyptic. This leaves the pieces to be picked up by people who were not really involved in the first place. All that’s left for the next person is destruction. “Symphony Of Silence” wraps this record with the realization that the end is never pretty, but it does have a finality that can never be undone. Maybe the pieces can be picked up and life can go on, but it will look very different.

Visions” is a good album. DEVIL’S BARGAIN has figured out how to make a statement that rings through in the current times. On top of that, it is musically appealing. The dual guitar assault, much like JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN or HELLOWEEN, is on point. The bass and drums are both very good with the underlying rhythm, but can also move into the forefront with a skill that proves these are seasoned musicians. Vocally, Arthur has a range that is hard is compete with. While it sometimes feels like he is wailing out of control, he actually reminds me a little of a younger Mike Howe (METAL CHURCH) in many of those moments. There is a lot of power there to be harnessed. I look forward to seeing where this band goes from here. I think their best is yet to come!

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Sewer Rats
2. Endless Fight
3. No Return
4. Devil’s Bargain
5. Sign Of The Times
6. Your Disposal
7. Symphony Of Silence
Arthur Melchior Pagliarini – Vocals
Juan Carlos Galdos – Guitar
Jurgen Van Poppel – Guitar
Dirk Poppe – Bass
Nico Laureys – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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