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Devil’s Gun - Sing For The Chaos Award winner

Devil’s Gun
Sing For The Chaos
by Sean McGuirk at 18 March 2019, 11:43 PM

I dare you to write a review of this old school, beer-swigging, cigarette (or other) smoking, good-time Heavy Metal band, Sweden’s DEVIL’S GUN, and not invoke the name ofACCEPTjust once.  There, I did it.  Hats off to vocalist Joakim Hermansson, who does Udobetter than Udodoes Udoat this point.  I’ve truly never heard a more spot-on impersonation, or homage, if you are feeling gracious.  Often sounding like a heavy metal Elmo, he adeptly hits high notes that the elder Udoprobably doesn’t dare to touch, although with a clean-as-a-whistle tone that, at times, exposes the somewhat comedic aspects of this type of mixed-falsetto technique.  The rest of the band fits the bill as well, and while they might be confused with a straight-up cover band, the all-original set on their second album, “Sing For The Chaos,” is full of fist-pounding, Heavy Metal anthems, worthy of your complete attention.

And you will be rapt with attention as soon as the opener “Killing Machine” starts.  In my car I let out a “Holy shit”! as I was stunned with their ability to channel the aforementioned Germanic Heavy Metal legends.  The songwriting on these tracks is so strong, with anthemic choruses everywhere you look.  I dare you not to sing along to “Tear Down The Wall,” or the brilliant single “Lights Out”.  This is true, close-out-the-bar, late-night-Heavy-Metal-party stuff.

They even offer a little variety on the title track “Sing For The Chaos,” an unexpected, downbeat almost-ballad about loss of hope. That mood quickly passes as “Electrical Shock” comes on with a “Fast As A Shark” double-kick fervor.  It’s around this point that the novelty of Hermansson’s voice can start to wear a bit, as he may hit the notes that Udocan’t, he still has a ways to go to match the swagger and authenticity of that legend (not that anyone ever could). There’s a slight CINDERELLA/Tom Kieferfeel to “Queen of Destruction,” but overall his vox are stuck on 10 for the majority of the runtime.

Växjö, Sweden sure seems like a fun place to visit, as there are a number of bands there who derive influence from this golden period in Heavy Metal; bands like DYNAMITEandBULLET, that worship the likes of MOTÖRHEADKROKUSAC/DC, and ROSE TATTOO.  It gives the impression that this small town is a non-stop denim-and-leather keg party. That may explain the title to “Alligator Fuckhouse” (coincidentally, my nickname in college.)  This one is a predictably boozy, two-o’clock-in-the-morning sing-along that shows off some charm. Album closer “Bad To The Bone” is more of a straight-up Scott Travis-eraPRIESThead-banger.

If you like to have fun, get drunk and listen to metal on a given Friday, Saturday – hell, any night of the week – you will love this record.  It honestly shocked me with how much I enjoyed it.  It’s not just the pitch-perfect ACCEPTnostalgia, but the endearing spirit of this album that draws you in.  It’s clear these young dudes play music just like they live it… balls to the wall!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Killer Machine
2. Tear Down The Wall
3. To The Devil
4. Lights Out
5. Sing For The Chaos
6. Electrical Shock
7. Queen Of Destruction
8. Alligator Fuckhouse
9. Bad To The Bone
Joakim Hermansson- Vocalist
Emil Holmström- Guitar
Philip Nilsson- Guitar
Fredrik Johansson- Drums
Oliver Emanuelsson- Bass
Record Label: Black Lodge Records


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